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Tactica Online: Our Exclusive Q&A #2

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MMORPG.com is proud to present our second exclusive Tactica Online Q&A.  In this feature we ask Luke Carruthers a few questions about the game including character movement, character customization and camera control.  A preview is below:

MMORPG.com: In Q&A #1 you mentioned that combat could take up to twenty minutes. How do you propose to keep this exciting? Obviously, there are the tactical decisions you've mentioned, but in what other ways will this be done?
Luke Carruthers:

Twenty minutes is a fairly common length of time for a match in a strategy game, and it tends to work well because it allows for a beginning, middle and end game, each with its own dynamic. Twenty minutes seems to be the sweet spot – short enough that you're left wanting another game, long enough that you feel like it was a substantial experience.

Setting up your combos, maneuvering your enemy into the position you want them, countering their combos, being aggressive in the late game without running into any traps, being cautious in the early game without sacrificing position, there's never a shortage of things you need to be thinking about, and the challenges are different at each stage of a battle.

To read the complete version of this great interview, click here.

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