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Lf Hack and Slash Grinder

A1D3NA1D3N Member UncommonPosts: 276

hi guys,

im still looking for a game as you can see,

im looking for a hack and slash game that you lvl up and get items from monster grinding, with minimal quests, I dnt mind a few, but I want to mainly lvl up by killing monster and partying up to kill monsters. I like to get some friends and camp areas :)

some pvp in the game aswell

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  • r3volt21r3volt21 Member UncommonPosts: 97
    The only game I can think of that comes close would be tera, not really hack and slash more animation locked action.  Grouping up and grinding is the fastest way to level in game mixed with the story quest.  Kept me entertained 4 a few months might be worth a look.
  • aspekxaspekx Member UncommonPosts: 2,167

    Path of Exile is the only game i can think of that adverts itself as an mmo and is a hack'n'slash.


    i know that Torchlight II has a multiplayer option.


    maybe Drakensang?


    thing is i can think of games where grinding can be a primary form of leveling, but not with the addition of hack'n'slash.


    For instance, when i play Vanguard i'd say half my time is spent grinding, not that i have to but i enjoy exploring and hunting along the way with my Ranger.


    Firefall has few quests, mostly events in the world. you group to fight off hordes of bugs and invaders often while harvesting. its scifi and f2p.


    FFXI is not hack'n'slash either really, but again its primary source of leveling is grouping and grinding on mobs.



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  • WorrynotWorrynot Member Posts: 14

    I'd vote Path of Exile as well. It's free to play too (not Pay to win).

  • A1D3NA1D3N Member UncommonPosts: 276

    what is pvp  like in path of exile?

    isit arena only?

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  • BJC289BJC289 Member UncommonPosts: 31
    Originally posted by aspekx

    FFXI is not hack'n'slash either really, but again its primary source of leveling is grouping and grinding on mobs.


    i wish anyone could recommend FFXI as a grindy game compared to what it used to be. People can duo the game now. I wish there were more games like FFXI vanilla, that literally required you to group to even progress past a certain level. I loved how hardcore the game was. 

  • korbzykorbzy Member Posts: 30
    Well darkfall is a hack and slash game with open world pvp, it matches every thing except killing mobs for gear. In df mobs drop mats and you craft your gear. You can easily walk around in a group and pvp anywhere since its a huge open world. Lots of monsters to hack and slash and there are no quests since the quests are called feats and you gain prowess (experience) from killing pve mobs
  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,308
    Diablo III

    Just saying...
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