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Live Forum Q&A David Brevik - Marvel Heroes



  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by BowskiBear
    Hi David! few things. - ill keep short and brief ;-) 1. Can you share any tips for collecting chase costumes? I have been grinding daily since launch to no avail- any tips will help! 2. In the official forums for MH I suggested Chase Heroes. Im curious if there has been any talk in house about it. I would lovve more things to grind and chase! 3. May I suggest having some sort of contest where the winner will choose the next hero to develop (given it gets the ok from Marvel) How exciting would that be!? 4. Can you please give us a little bit of info to chew on about the alleged upcoming X-Mansion event? Thanks David! Your the man sir!

    1) If you have a good luck charm, use it. Those suckers are rare!

    2) We have been focusing on getting currently announced finished and currently released heroes as good as they can be. If we decide to do a "Chase Hero", it would be a while!

    3) We'll look into it! Would you also be interested in something like "design an artifact"?

    4) The one thing I can say about the X-Mansion event is that you're not going to be able to "win", but you'll be able to get lots of great XP and loot while having a blast!


  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by Raserei
    Do you have any plans for a real auto-group making system? Midtown and the terminals would be 10x better if I just joined and I had a group or I was put into a queue until I had a group.

    We're currently working on a queuing system that will be integrated with our PvP mode that functions similarly to what you'd see in most MMOs. Our plan is to integrate it into PvE Endgame modes in order to smooth out the experience and always give you people to play with. For Midtown, you can hop right in on an ongoing game and join up with other players any time!


  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24

    I've gone a bit over already and I need to wrap it up and get back to making Marvel Heroes great. I will answer a few more.

    Thanks for all the questions today. I really appreciate everyone's support!


  • flashrobinflashrobin Member Posts: 9
    David,What are you plans for customization To take away the 10 Hawkeye look alikes?I'd like to see some In-depth customization.Would The Devs have to re-do alot if you did something like Different Style Bows for Hawkeye or Different types of Claws for Wolverine.Also The option to change your character costume would be cool aswell as Aura's.
  • picklefartpicklefart Member Posts: 2
    Broadly, what allowed your team to add in SO MANY characters when most other ARPGs had to satisfy themselves with around five. Was it mostly because you didn't have to model armor looks?
  • PrinceColdPrinceCold Member Posts: 1

    Hey Mr. Brevik quick question on the "Marvel Heroes Founders Program Ultimate Pack Sweepstakes"  on AlienWarearena.

    What is taking so long for the winners to be chosen, its been two weeks and there has been no news.

    Is this sweepstakes still going on?

    If it is still going when are winners going to be chosen? A dead line?

    Thanks for taking your time to answer these questions

  • rom101rom101 Member Posts: 4
    Originally posted by DavidBrevik
    Hi Everyone!   This is David Brevik -- CEO of Gazillion Entertainment. I'm super excited about being here today and chatting for the next hour. We just had a major patch (1.11) and more great stuff is around the corner, so grab a seat and let the questions fly! Ask me anything.


    1) Can you tell us anything about the upcoming new area "Into the Breach"? that is locked on the terminal?


    2) It has been mentioned that some "unique" loots will be added to Midtown...can you tell us more about that? maybe a preview of what we might see?


    3) When do I get to pay you lots of money for Silver Surfer?

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by ChronicBoom
    Hi there David! I love the game so far and we were able to build up an awesome Supergroup and as Marvel Heroes keep growing and evolving so do we. And with the new patch out, we IMMORTALS are really enjoying the game to its fullest. Thank you for creating such an awesome game.  I wanted to ask you, if you guys are thinking about implementing more social functions for the game? Like being able to enter Manhattan Instance as a full party? Or even maybe more than five people? Having more chat functions like being able to create custom chat-channels, or maybe more chat channels within the Supergroup for the certain ranks? Being able to create custom ranks? Or like having more supergroup functions (showing last login time of members and so forth) and if the limit of 100 members will be raised? Or being able to change Supergroup leaders without needing to disband/recreate the whole Supergroup? About the User Interface, would it be possible to scale it? Like having a function in the option to scale it smaller, so it takes up less space on the screen?  About when would those functions be ready, if implemented at all?   Thank you for taking you time doing a live Q&A! Very much appreciated and keep up the great work! -Chronicboom

    Yes we adding a queuing system and more social functions. Those are high on our lists. We want people playing with their friends!

    Great ideas on the chat channels. Chat has already changed and we have many other enhancements coming (including custom channels).

    There are many, many supergroup plans and features on the list. This will be something we will focus on in the next few months. We could probably raise the 100 player limit.

    The User Inferface scaling is on the list. It is not that difficult for us to implement and nearly complete because we do most of the work for other resolutions already.


  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by Dreins55
    Hey David! Got a couple questions for you =) 1) Now that difficulty modes are coming to test center, can you tell us what's the "perfect balance point" for heroes? I believe normal mode is supposed to be the "faceroll" mode for all heroes, right? Is there any reward (increased xp/loot/vanity items) for playing at heroic/superheroic or it's just for those that want to enjoy a more "hardcore" experience? 2) Any news if/when we can expect multispecs? PS: Since I mentioned hardcore, do you plan to implement it in the future? Thanks and have a good night, sir.

    1) Yes increase risk = increased reward!!

    2) No plans yet

    I LOVE hardcore. Stay tuned!


  • JubilationJubilation Member Posts: 1

    Hi! I have a few questions:

    1. It was previously said, but I'd just like an update on whether or not there are still plans to evenly release male and female characters? There are tons of men, so it'd be a shame to wait months or even a year, just to see another female show up.

    2. I'm a huge Jubilee fan and even made a concept skill tree for her on the MarvelHeroes forums. Are there any chances we'll see her playable in the future?

    3. Are game controls controls for gamepads far off? My friends whine about not being able to use their Xbox controllers to play this game, and I'm trying to convice them to join me in the fun!

  • lRoguellRoguel Member Posts: 4
    Are there any Marvel heroes that would be way too hard to make and become playable in the game or every heroe is "doable" enough to become a playable characters on Marvel Heroes in the future?
  • BeelzebubsBeelzebubs Member Posts: 1

    Hi there, thanks for the game enjoying it immensely. A bit too much actually as it's stopping me working on my own projects.


    I have a couple of questions regarding your (potentially) upcoming MOBA map if you'd be so kind as to reply.

    1) Will the MOBA map be available as a standalone client?

    2) With regards to balance, will all skills be available as it sounds like a balancing nightmare or will you be limiting to 4-5 skills under the guise of something like a Danger Room training exercise.

    3) Will a ranking system be added?



  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24

    Thanks everyone for participating in the AMA here on

    As always, it is great to hear your feedback and work together to make the best ARPG in the world. I really appreciate it!

    If we didn't answer your question here, please check the Marvel Heroes forums and we try to get to them all over the next few days.

    Thank you!!


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