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Live Forum Q&A David Brevik - Marvel Heroes



  • christianrodherchristianrodher Member Posts: 2
    Originally posted by DavidBrevik

    Hi Everyone!


    This is David Brevik -- CEO of Gazillion Entertainment. I'm super excited about being here today and chatting for the next hour. We just had a major patch (1.11) and more great stuff is around the corner, so grab a seat and let the questions fly! Ask me anything.

    Don't forget me... this is extremely important to know.

    Hello David Brevik

    leveling through pvp will be possible and viable when the new pvp goes live? I mean same EXP/hour as midtown and group challenges.


  • flashrobinflashrobin Member Posts: 9

    Also David I have another Suggestion that you may like and may Consider!

    What about Daily solo missions?

    Where the Heroes would go against one of their enemies or arch enemies they've fought before in previous times?

    This could eleborate on The Hero's History for those who don't know who they're playing!


  • germancowgermancow Member Posts: 1

    1. When will we have secure trading up and running? We need a form of currency (SoJ) to give items some worth. Any plans on letting credits be tradeable?

    2. Uniques. We need them in ASAP.

    3. As a level 50 char, I am still using level 30 gear because affixes that are ideal (crit/dodge), show up a lot less at higher levels than mid levels. I am only interested in 2 affixes (dodge and 1+ to a skill tree), but it is nearly impossible to find them again at level 50. Guess what I'm saying is, review affixes at higher levels. Low levels are fine.

    4. Elites need to be harder and drop better loot. They aren't challenging at all when you encounter a pack.

    5. Suggesting: New affix proc that has a chance to summon a hero from the current roaster that does a speciality move. Kind of like the assist system from Marvel vs Capcom.

  • Shadow13583Shadow13583 Member Posts: 1

    Hey, loving the new midtown patrol but I kind of miss limbo. I'd love if we still had the option to do that as well!

    Also, are there any plans to add more story content? (aside from the endgame) I would love to see kang the conquerer and some other villains, either as playable characters or as bosses :D

    Thanks for updating this game so often!

  • picklefartpicklefart Member Posts: 2

    Hi David!

    Thanks for you and your team being so responsive to the players.

    My question: Are there plans to add some ambient atmospheric effects? I mean things like rain and lightning. The game is great but I have had comments from my friends that its looks are "missing something" and I think it's that.

  • ComixfanComixfan Member UncommonPosts: 5

    Hello Mr Brevik!


    I'm a life-long Marvel fan and am absolutely loving Marvel Heroes! It's fantastic to see the game improve thanks to the amazingly dedicated team you have working on it!


    Just a few questions for you, firstly to do with pets. Will we ever see them be more than non-functional cosmetic items? Personally my son and I would love to see a pet battle system added a-la Pokémon & WoW. It'd be great fun to level up your pets, choose their powers, and pit them against each other. Maybe there could even be a spectator mode for those not involved in the fight so they can watch your DOOMHERBIE demolish an opponent's Old Lace! ;)

    Secondly, has there been an y discussion regarding a resolution for the framerate drop many people endure due to the large amount of particle effects on screen? I know that there were more graphics tweaks introduced in 1.11, but it's still frustrating to have to run this game on lower settings when other graphics-intensive games can be run at max settings with no issues. Plus, certain powers (like Human Torch's Flaming 4) and costumes don't appear if you reduce the number of particles or the particle quality, and certain costumes (like Ms. Marvel's Binary) suffer a big reduction in quality as a result of same.

    Last but not least, is there any possibility of either reducing the cost of higher-end crafting recipes or increasing the credits that drop at higher levels? Currently crafting recipes such as upgrading rare to epic gear for level 49+ is cost prohibitive for a casual player such as myself.


    Thanks for taking time to answer everyone's questions. Make Mine Marvel Heroes! :D


  • flashrobinflashrobin Member Posts: 9
    David,When do you anticipate Raids will be added in the game?or is it something you're planning in the forseeable Future?
  • blix2006blix2006 Member UncommonPosts: 325
    hello david,thanks for the chance to ask question is about item tiers.right now its white,green,blue,purple, you have any plans to add additional about item sets?
  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by Recke

    I have a few questions:


    1) As much as this game is an ARPG, many players are so accustomed to MMORPGs that the game seems to being moving in that direction.  Is this something we should expect?  


    2) Skill trees for certain characters have recently been changed, much to the approval of the community.  Wolverine and Hulk are prime examples.  Something I noted was that a huge part of the change was passives for players to dump their power points in.  Can we expect similar changes to other characters?


    3) What's the goal of adding content?  This falls back on #1, but this game has been trying and stated (via dev blog) that it will add end game content.  But isn't that counter intuitive to normal ARPG standards?  How are we supposed to grind for gear (if we enjoy that) if there will be endgame content which'll probably have some perk to doing it over farming harder difficulties of the story mode, etc (assuming) Heroic and Superheroic modes.


    1) The game is a mix of both an MMORPG and an ARPG. I want to use the best parts of MMOs (mainly group/social elements) and make them part of an ARPG. We will be different from MMOs because we don't really have the holy MMO trinity of Tanking/DPS/Healing and because we are an action game, but we will be putting in features that MMOs use to great use and make it an overall brand-new type of game.

    2) There will be other changes to many of the heroes, but there will also be new abilities, not just passives.

    3) We are going to be adding new content constantly. New end-game activities (both PvE and PvP) plus difficulty modes and even new story content is planned with announcement of Asgard. We will have difficult challenges for level-capped people and many interesting things to do to get to the level cap. And remember, the level cap is a number that can always be changed ;)



  • TcbysTcbys Member Posts: 34

    Mr.Brevik how much does SIF affect finding Enterntly Splinters. Right now alot of people think SIF doesnt do awhole lot in finding splinters considering they only drop once every 8 mins. 


    Right now a popular method of farming splinters is go into MM kill a champion to drop a Splinter and AFK for 8 mins till the splinter drop timer forces a drop. Because splinters dont drop anywhere outside of the timer. Do you think you will tweek the drops to where it can drop outside of the 8 min timer?

  • lRoguellRoguel Member Posts: 4

    Hello David, first of all ,thank you so very much for the atention to the fans of this amazing MMO Marvel game!

    I'm a huge Marvel fan,and im one of those players that loves to play with their favorite character,and since it's Marvel we are talking about,and  i know its still very soon to have tons of playable characters...but...

    I'm a litle concerned about having Rogue a playable character in this game,every time i read her name about Marvel Heroes Online ,most of the comments i read are  : " She would never be playable because her powers would be way too hard to program" or something like that ,so i got worried about never get to play as my favorite southern belle. :) to summon up,my quesrion is : 

    Will Rogue every become a playable character? Does she have a chance? Thanks again for the great oportunity and sorry about my limited english.


  • DarkUncleBohDarkUncleBoh Member Posts: 1

    Hey David,

    Huge fan of the game (and D1 and D2 for that matter), with over 700 hours played and about to break 600 total levels of heroes in another hour or two.


    My question is this: It feels like a ton of the content is extremely AOE-centric. It  seems almost never worth having single target skills on your hotbar other than for boss fights and/or basic attacks for when you run out of spirit. With the exception of the Sentinels (and to a lesser degree the Predators), there seems to be a lack of trash encounters focused around a small to moderate number of tougher opponents - so much of the focus seems to be on "quantity". Things kind of felt this way before Manhattan, but far more so now - especially with things like ambushes spawning in the middle of a 4-boss fight, turning what would be a 4-target encounter into another AOE-fest

    Can you please speak a little as to how that does or does not fit into the "feel" of the game, both as it is now, and as it will be once your vision is more fully realized down the line?


    - DU

    PS. Thank you very much for all of  your efforts, but also for coming here and talking with us directly. As a 20+ year veteran of the software industry, I understand the time investment it takes to be so interactive with one's customer base. Gazillion's dedication to doing exactly that, is a huge feather in your (all of your) cap.

  • GustlyHeroesGustlyHeroes Member Posts: 2

    Hey David.

    A large number of people have complained about the situation of Jean Grey.

    One of the biggest questions about it is if she will be able to levitate the mobs or something, after all she is a telekinetic.

    Another question, do you have any idea of the release date of the marvel girl costume?


  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by beergo99les

    Hello :)


    I've been wondering for awhile. Your title is President and COO, not sure what that means. Can you explain a bit what an average day as your title is at Gazillion? How much of your influence and work is just focused on Marvel Heroes, or is it a mix between bankers and the game. 


    Also Who is Doomsaw :(

    My title has changed! I'm now CEO :)

    Each day is completely different. It can be talking to investors or bankers or working on the design for a new hero or doing an AMA or traveling to a trade-show or playing the game.

    I would say I spend an average of about 6ish hours a day working on Marvel Heroes, so about half my work day.

    *lips are sealed on Doomsaw*

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by bladefury55

    Hi David


    Was wondering if there's any plans to bring more visual uniqueness to our characters? this is quite a big concern among many, and wonder if there's any plans to add items that will enhance our characters look and that type of thing?

    Right now we are focused on costumes as the main way to change your appearance. We also have some new VFX that will help and we have talked about creating one item that would give you a special look or change just part of your look. We don't quite have the tech for that yet, but it is something we are considering.


  • MarkaiMarkai Member Posts: 1

    Hi David

    regarding the game in future content can we expect bigger story lines? I really enjoyed the story line though it gets you hooked up and wanna know more :)

    I know the story lines of marvel is so big and goes in many directions and have so many nice plots! i definatly would love to see more story line :)


    also about Special item find now that it only applies to costumes and splinters it feels it partially takes away the thrill of the hunt since you know splinters will drop you just have more chance on having more drops .

    is there any chance that SiF will be applied to something different which might make the stat SPECIAL again ^^

  • BowskiBearBowskiBear Member Posts: 3

    I think you may have overlooked my post - no worries! Here it is :-D

    Squeaky wheel gets the oil!

    1. Can you share any tips for collecting chase costumes? I have been grinding daily since launch to no avail- any tips will help!

    2. In the official forums for MH I suggested Chase Heroes. Im curious if there has been any talk in house about it. I would lovve more things to grind and chase!

    3. May I suggest having some sort of contest where the winner will choose the next hero to develop (given it gets the ok from Marvel) How exciting would that be!?

    4. Can you please give us a little bit of info to chew on about the alleged upcoming X-Mansion event?

    Thanks David! Your the man sir!

  • WrathnarWrathnar Member Posts: 1

    Hi David Brevik, i'm really glad you got done with that soon, or i would have forgotten about the game when i stopped a month before it went live, and you guys done great with most Heroes polishing, and adding the great midtown so we could level up pass level 50, I'll point out some questions and the reasons i stopped playing MH a month ago and got back now.


    1-Didn't have anything to do but limbo after level 50 since i was solo and most of my supergroup stopped at that time

    2-Limbo was Restricted to specific heroes to be a better grind , and the terrain was plain, like a  untouched sandbox.

    3-There was no purpose to get level 60 , red terminals were done at lvl50+, and it was the same as greens. same thing with madripor.

    4-Pvp was gamebreaking with no objectives.

    Back now and asking questions:

    1-Any plans to add some more bosses to midtown , as a boss that spawn every 1 hour or after completing a set of villeins defeats , that boss would require at least 3 to kill and take a lot of time with abilities that could 1 shot you if you tunnel.

    2-Loved the story , but it was too shot. would be Awesome if you added story mode for lvl60 players , so other look foreword to level up faster , and maybe use the shop more :p 

    3-when will the gear stats get polished, many stats are very undesirable and a waste of affix.

    4-Pvp unlocking ETA hints if possible.

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by clawIII

    Hey David!

    Awesome game a big fan of your work! :)


    Can you explain your philosophy on level 60 in MH not being the "end", and potentially wanting to go to 100 or beyond. I understand some people think hitting 60 is it, game over, but MOST people that play these kind of games think 60 is just the beginning and strive to get there so they can start looking for the best gear/items.

    Thank you!

    Yes, level 60 isn't the end. We will have some very specific activities for level 60 players coming in the next few patches. There are going to be incredible new items, more competitive PvP and big-group activities coming soon. There may also be a bit of a surprise coming, but Leo our marketing guy is giving me the stink eye and saying I can't talk about it =/


  • shadowz01shadowz01 Member Posts: 1
    PP and SP owner here and still enjoying the game. Many people asked what I wanted to ask already but there is one thing I wanted to get it clear.
    When will players able to have multiple builds instead of having to respec to "change" build? I don't mind paying to rwspec but having multiple builds and respect are two different things. Thanks
  • dennison89dennison89 Member Posts: 19
    Originally posted by DavidBrevik
    Originally posted by clawIII

    Hey David!

    Awesome game a big fan of your work! :)


    Can you explain your philosophy on level 60 in MH not being the "end", and potentially wanting to go to 100 or beyond. I understand some people think hitting 60 is it, game over, but MOST people that play these kind of games think 60 is just the beginning and strive to get there so they can start looking for the best gear/items.

    Thank you!

    Yes, level 60 isn't the end. We will have some very specific activities for level 60 players coming in the next few patches. There are going to be incredible new items, more competitive PvP and big-group activities coming soon. There may also be a bit of a surprise coming, but Leo our marketing guy is giving me the stink eye and saying I can't talk about it =/


    Ignore Leo and tell us!!! ;)

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by TheEnygma
    Are there any plans yet to have separated inventory for your characters, rather than the one unified inventory? And will there be an option to test out a hero before purchasing if it's not already implemented?

    Great questions

    1) No plans at this time, but it is something we have talked about a few times. Because you can swap heroes so easily it doesn't make as much sense in this game.

    2) We have talked about this a lot. Right now the best way to do this is to play in Test Center where we give you free money! There will probably be a more formal program in the future.

  • resivkresivk Member UncommonPosts: 28

    I know you have lots of heros to choose from. But fan favorites like Venom, Carnage and Magneto would be awesome to play as. 

    Are 'villains' even  considered to be playable?

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by Raserei

    David - The game gas definitely gotten better since launch. Midtown is super fun. Cosmic items were much needed! I have a few issues and I'm not sure how you can answer this but here it goes:


    1.) Terminals seem only used for daily Cube Shards. I feel as though there could be more incentive to go inside because Midtown trumps terminals at the moment.


    2.) Crafting has huge potential! Any plans to add a bunch more recipes such as:

    ---Gambling greens + Credit to have a chance at a blue 

    ---Gambling a purple item + credits to have a chance at either a new purple or a cosmic item....  

    ---Trading in 5 cosmic items to have a chance at either a new cosmic item or an eternity shard

    or just any recipes that add more flavor.


    3.)  When can we see a real defense tweak? (And I think it goes beyond defense. Red terminals are just ridiculous in the amount of damage we take)


    4.) I recently switched from Rocket Raccoon to Cable. (This is just one example) Cable is by far light years ahead of RR. Cable is super fun to play and has a nice kill speed. The issue is that there are a lot of scenarios where this is true. Some heroes are just underpowered. Instead of "nerfing", I think every hero should have there own powerful feel. While I talk about RR, I feel he can use a HUGE turret tweak. They are just too weak, squishy, and too situational to truly  get used much.

    1) Terminals are definitely great for their Cube Shards (we're actually changing the way you trade these in very soon), and we're improving the XP for red terminals in the same patch to make them more worthwhile. While it's true that Midtown is currently a better source of XP, Terminals offer a way to break up the gameplay of Midtown as well as a more focused boss run for loot.

    2) We're working on expanding crafting in the coming months with new functions and recipes, and those are some great suggestions!

    3) The new defense system should be coming to live servers some time this month (even sooner on Test Center), and will fully integrating percentage-based defense as well as a new statistic rating system. This is heavily focused on insuring melee heroes stand a chance against some of our heavy hitting bosses, and that all heroes will properly scale with the endgame content as they level.

    4) Good notes on Rocket Raccoon vs. Cable. Rocket Raccoon and his turrets are definitely going to be reviewed by the team soon along with the rest of the heroes who haven't received an upgrade lately.


  • ComixfanComixfan Member UncommonPosts: 5
    Originally posted by resivk

    I know you have lots of heros to choose from. But fan favorites like Venom, Carnage and Magneto would be awesome to play as. 


    Venom and Magneto aren't even villains in the comics any more. Haven't been for years!

    On the forums the devs have suggested that characters like these may be playable heroes at some point :)


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