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Live Forum Q&A David Brevik - Marvel Heroes



  • RasereiRaserei Member UncommonPosts: 1,044
    Do you have any plans for a real auto-group making system? Midtown and the terminals would be 10x better if I just joined and I had a group or I was put into a queue until I had a group.
  • TcbysTcbys Member Posts: 34

    Mr.Brevik how much does SIF affect finding Enterntly Splinters. Right now alot of people think SIF doesnt do awhole lot in finding splinters considering they only drop once every 8 mins. 



  • ChronicBoomChronicBoom Member Posts: 1

    Hi there David!

    I love the game so far and we were able to build up an awesome Supergroup and as Marvel Heroes keep growing and evolving so do we. And with the new patch out, we IMMORTALS are really enjoying the game to its fullest. Thank you for creating such an awesome game. 

    I wanted to ask you, if you guys are thinking about implementing more social functions for the game?

    Like being able to enter Manhattan Instance as a full party? Or even maybe more than five people?

    Having more chat functions like being able to create custom chat-channels, or maybe more chat channels within the Supergroup for the certain ranks? Being able to create custom ranks?

    Or like having more supergroup functions (showing last login time of members and so forth) and if the limit of 100 members will be raised? Or being able to change Supergroup leaders without needing to disband/recreate the whole Supergroup?

    About the User Interface, would it be possible to scale it? Like having a function in the option to scale it smaller, so it takes up less space on the screen? 

    About when would those functions be ready, if implemented at all?


    Thank you for taking you time doing a live Q&A!

    Very much appreciated and keep up the great work!


  • wraithharlequinnwraithharlequinn Member Posts: 1

    1. Is Gazillion hiring?

    2. When using Steam the "News" that players see when downloading updates has not been updated since the Rock, Paper, Shoot review. Any way that can be updated with the most current news, as well as Facebook? Is there any way to update Steam, Twitter, Facebook, and the Forums all at once with the most current information at all times?

    3. Any news on what is going to happen with Cube Shards? A lot of players were let down with them not being able to be traded when 1.11 went live

    4. Can you do some voice acting for Bovine Sector as High Commander Brevik

    5. Any plans on making hero token duplicates worth a certain amount of Eternity Splinters? (Say 75 if the random box has a dupe in it so the grind doesn't start all over again)

    6. Can a real money donation system be put in place for players who want to donate money to the dev. team without purchasing anything from the store?

    7. Who is Doomsaw?

    8. I have an idea about the Old Limbo. I know the lag was an issue. What if loot did not appear as drops during Limbo but instead when it is complete the loot is generated on a screen like Final Fantasy battle systems? I miss the Old Limbo

    9. It has been said hero tokens might return in specific locations to be determined, can you elaborate on that?

    10. Can Cyclops get his awesome Ultimate back?

  • FanOfSupermanFanOfSuperman Member UncommonPosts: 144

    Thanks for the reply!


    As for debating which heroes get in when. You guys could always check out the 2 or more polls that I've seen floating around the MH forums.


    Or better yet, you guys could make a public poll as an ad of sorts, to generate more publicity for the game! ;)


    "Which hero would you like to see in the game? Sign up for Marvel Heroes and vote now. X-number of lucky winners will win that hero!"


    How's that for garnering attention to the game and possibly increasing playerbase. Not that 1.5 mil is shabby!

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by JPJappic
    Hello Mr. Brevik!  I'm really enjoying Marvel Heroes thus far, especially the new Midtown Manhattan area. Can we get Marvel NOW costumes for Thing, Torch and Cable please?  I'm waiting for those before I actually play them as I'd like them to be as current as possible. Thank you.

    Finally figured out Quote vs. reply! Sorry all...


    We're always looking to add more costumes to the game, whether they're from Marvel NOW! or a fan-favorite classic costume. We constantly monitor the forums for new costume ideas, so if you want to see the Marvel NOW! looks for those characters, let us know there!


  • Dreins55Dreins55 Member Posts: 1

    Hey David! Got a couple questions for you =)

    1) Now that difficulty modes are coming to test center, can you tell us what's the "perfect balance point" for heroes? I believe normal mode is supposed to be the "faceroll" mode for all heroes, right? Is there any reward (increased xp/loot/vanity items) for playing at heroic/superheroic or it's just for those that want to enjoy a more "hardcore" experience?

    2) Any news if/when we can expect multispecs?

    PS: Since I mentioned hardcore, do you plan to implement it in the future?

    Thanks and have a good night, sir.

  • ReckeRecke Member Posts: 2

    Captain America.  Although 'balanced,' many players are disgruntled with him due to his low damage, his Shield Toss abilities not doing well past story mode, many notable minor bugs, and the fact they can only rely on his extremely high survivability.  We also received no words of upcoming changes, even if not going to be applied to the most patches (this is true to only 3 characters, Black Widow, who is very strong, albeit with one spec, Rocket Raccoon, who I do not know enough about, and Captain, who has constant bug complaints).  

    Is there any way you can tell us the intended direction for him, if any?


    Currently, cosmic gear is the ideal gear for any character to have (outside of gear with better affixes, of course).  However, cosmic devastation and bulwark proc on damage taken (vice on hit, which is stated).  Bulwark makes players ignore the damage, which is nice, but devastation releases damage.  However, deflecting, dodging, blocking, being immune (invulnerable) to damage all prevent the player from taking damage, making cosmic devastation proc less, as the people who would normally prefer it are melee who most have dodge abilities or some form of the above.  Is there any address to this, as it is the least cosmic of the items, and it is the least devastating?



  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by DamnUrGood
    David is there any fix for the Test server's Launcher soon ? I've been trying everything to fix that whole day , Reading topics trying and still not working , tryed the repair and still not . :)


    Sorry you are having problems with this. We are aware of it and I have "Top-Men!" on it :) I hope we have a fix in the next couple of days. Thanks


  • ckal9ckal9 Member Posts: 1

    Hey David, I love MH and I've said on the forums and to people in real life that Gaz has become my favorite developer. This is because of the amazing amount of communication between Gaz and the player base. You guys actively listen and quite often make changes to MH based on player feed back and suggestions because you honestly want to make the game we want to play, and that is amazing. I'm sure I speak for all MH players that we are immensely appreciative for this! Gaz deserves all the success. All. Really looking forward to the future of MH.

    My question is if you guys at Gaz ever talk about or plan to add blood and gore to the game. Sure, super hero games typically don't feature this, but as an ARPG (Diablo 2 is a favorite of mine) I feel like it would be cool to have an option to have this, and would probably increase enjoyment factor even more. I'm sure it would be a lot of work, but as the guy behind D2, I'm sure you have the itch... =)

  • km1990bkm1990b Member Posts: 2

    Hello again,


    I have asked this many times before but have never received a real answer. Right now, Jean Grey does not feel like Jean Grey or Phoenix....Is there a reason that has to do with the game mechanics why telekinesis cannot be added to the game like it has been to other games?


    If telekinesis was implemented for Jean now it could also really help advance the playstyle of Storm, Scarlet Witch, Cable, Invisible Woman and Hellion if they are ever released.

  • RasereiRaserei Member UncommonPosts: 1,044
    David, can we see a stash tab pack, where we pay a reduced price for ALL stash tabs for all characters, crafting, and general?
  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by Benbrada
    David, I saw someone post notes for new things going on the test server I found this one perplexing... "A new starter zone with Black Cat (Occurs before Raft for new players)"... why "before" the Raft zone? It's not as if the Raft zone was terribly hard or anything? What drove including this "pre-starter" zone?

    We feel that it's important to have an incredibly strong early-game experience, and while the Raft is fun, it's not what we were looking for. (It's single-player, and very dark). The Black Cat mission will allow you to play with other players as soon as you start the game, giving you a much better feel for what the rest of the game feels like and will hopefully provide a much better experience.

  • clawIIIclawIII Member Posts: 2

    Since eternity splinters have replaced hero drops, can we just combine Special Item find and Item rarity? Would be much easier for the players, as they can stack one 'magic' find for everything! If not, can you elaborate on why two 'magic' finds? :)



  • christianrodherchristianrodher Member Posts: 2

    Hello David Brevik

    leveling through pvp will be possible and viable when the new pvp goes live? I mean same EXP/hour as midtown and group challenges.

  • EmmaxFrostEmmaxFrost Member Posts: 1

    Hi David Brevik :)


    Marvel Heroes is by far, my favorite game! I have a few things that concern me though.

    Shouldn't Jean Grey be able to move things around the screen telekinetically? The only power she has where she is able to do that is Psychokinetic Implosion, which doesn't even do exactly that. I'm talking about something like in X-Men Legends the video game where she was able to levitate and move enemies around to your control.


    Also, the costumes are great but heroes like Emma Frost need to be in heels. Also, her cape on the White Queen costume needs some fur ;)


    That is all! Good day sir.

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by dennison89
    Hey David, I am enjoying the new patch and the game thus far. Just for kicks I have a few questions for you. Is there a set date for the August patch? When will we be seeing Psylocke as a playable character? Have you considered making a Rogue Storm transformation for Storm? Will there be any other way to collect costumes in game? Thank you for your time!

    We currently don't have a date for the August patch, but it's definitely coming up quickly. We are trying to get the patch into test center late next week. We will see if that happens...

    As for Psylocke, she's a fan-favorite member of the X-Men, so the chances of us doing her some point are very good! (You can find her as an NPC in the X-Mansion!)

    As mentioned previously, we've had internal discussions about changing how to acquire costumes in-game, but nothing has been defined yet.


  • DimioDimio Member Posts: 1
    Could you explain the idea behind having intelligence effecting the rate at which you level at?  Is it simply that the idea was that smart heroes should level faster?
  • aHighPrimateaHighPrimate Member Posts: 1

    Hello David, I just wanted to say that i am really enjoyng the game so far and i am excited about its future.


    I think pvp can be great so i wanted to ask you.........

    Will pvp be  esport level ? ie LOL

  • flashrobinflashrobin Member Posts: 9

    Hello David,


    I just want to say Im loving this game so far I was skeptical at first but now im so addicted to it.My question I have for you is do you have any plans in the near future to expand on the story after Doom?Maybe there's a new threat???

    Also somethings i'd like to see more in the game are 

    -More destructible environments

    -Pvp(Capture The Flag,Team Deathmatch)


    -More In-depth customization

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by Chima82
    Who is Doomsaw's alter ego?   Was Doomsaw always on the team, or a post-live addition? Do you have past working experience with Doomsaw, if so, on what games/projects? Great job on the enhancements to the game since launch; you've come a long way in a short period of time... I look forward to seeing what the next 3 months bring to the table too! Thanks!    

    Thanks for the props!

    As for Doomsaw, I'm not quite sure... Maybe I should walk around and ask =P


  • dennison89dennison89 Member Posts: 19
    Thank you for the answers David, and thank you for giving us your time. I have to say that the development team on this game is top notch!
  • BowskiBearBowskiBear Member Posts: 3
    David, I would like to make a suggestion. I read where you just replied and said Chase Costumes are possible to be found in store. I beg you please no - having something that can only be obtained thru playing is what keeps me modivated and inspired to keep grinding! Please dont take away the only exciting drops and put them in store - Its a lot less impressive to my friends showing off a store costume vs a seemingly impossible costume drop. Please keep some things rare! :-D
  • KeybladeMasterKeybladeMaster Member Posts: 6

    Hello David!

    I was wondering, what are the chances of lesser known characters such as Wiccan and Hulkling from Young Avengers becoming playable characters?


    Thank you for your time!

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24
    Originally posted by km1990b
    Hey David,   My major question and concern is, how are you making sure every existing hero is getting the attention that is needed, especially with the hype of new characters being released? I don't know how far you know about the situation on the forums, but 95% of the Jean Grey players are disappointed in how she plays. She has major issues with mobility, survivability and she has been said to be "boring" by most people I have come across. There is also a major complaint that in comparison there are never any dev posts in her thread.  

    Our team is working hard right now on ensuring every hero we add feels powerful and fun for the players. The team is actually going to be making improvements to Jean Grey in the very near future (as well as Iron Man, Deadpool, and many others). You can expect to see some developers posting in her threads very soon (if they haven't already).

    We won't be "forgetting" about the heroes that are in there. One of our groups will be focused on making  sure that every existing hero gets attention and upgrades.

    I think that Doomsaw posted a bunch of stuff to JG's forum last night.


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