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Live Forum Q&A David Brevik - Marvel Heroes

DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24

Hi Everyone!


This is David Brevik -- CEO of Gazillion Entertainment. I'm super excited about being here today and chatting for the next hour. We just had a major patch (1.11) and more great stuff is around the corner, so grab a seat and let the questions fly! Ask me anything.



  • FanOfSupermanFanOfSuperman Member UncommonPosts: 144

    As a purchaser of the Ultimate Pack and big fan of the game, I'd like to see a schedule for new heroes being added. Are there any plans to have such a release schedule, or are you guys more or less playing it by ear?


    Can't wait for the likes of Gambit, Silver Surfer, Sentry, Moon Knight, Dr. Strange, etc!


    Great job so far and thanks for really connecting and listening to the players unlike so many other developers out there!


    p.s. Don't let the username fool you. I'm a huge Marvel fan also!  ;)

  • TheScoxTheScox Member UncommonPosts: 8
    David- When should we expect to see Player trading and an in game auction house in Marvel Heroes?
  • rocorbrebrirocorbrebri Member Posts: 1

    Hey David,


    UP buyer here. Loving the game!!


    I was wondering would we ever have player housing as in to earn trophys and show them off and such? Same goes for Supergroup hubs?


    Cant wait for Nova :D


    THANKS for making such a great game

  • crows3rdcrows3rd Member Posts: 1


    Hello when will we see any change to chase costume situation ? and is there already options on the works ?


  • TrainstopTrainstop Member Posts: 3
    When can we expect more depth added to the game, I've invested 400+ hours but I feel like the item hunting and game difficulty is not up where I'd like it to be. I want to take my character to the next level but I feel like there is no opportunity for me to do so.
  • JPJappicJPJappic Member Posts: 2

    Hello Mr. Brevik!  I'm really enjoying Marvel Heroes thus far, especially the new Midtown Manhattan area.

    Can we get Marvel NOW costumes for Thing, Torch and Cable please?  I'm waiting for those before I actually play them as I'd like them to be as current as possible.

    Thank you.

  • DamnUrGoodDamnUrGood Member UncommonPosts: 1
    David is there any fix for the Test server's Launcher soon ? I've been trying everything to fix that whole day , Reading topics trying and still not working , tryed the repair and still not . :)
  • BenbradaBenbrada Member UncommonPosts: 519
    David, I saw someone post notes for new things going on the test server I found this one perplexing... "A new starter zone with Black Cat (Occurs before Raft for new players)"... why "before" the Raft zone? It's not as if the Raft zone was terribly hard or anything? What drove including this "pre-starter" zone?
  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24

    Great question and thanks for your support!

    It's a little "play it by ear" still. There are many heroes we want to get to, but no exact schedule. Honestly, we keep debating internally about the list.

    The idea is to get to a new hero every 4ish weeks. Who knows if we can get there, but we are organizing the team and our pipeline to try and make it possible.

    Most of the next heroes we will be focusing on already announced Ultimate Pack heroes, but there may be a surprise in there ;)


  • dennison89dennison89 Member Posts: 19

    Hey David,

    I am enjoying the new patch and the game thus far. Just for kicks I have a few questions for you.

    Is there a set date for the August patch?

    When will we be seeing Psylocke as a playable character?

    Have you considered making a Rogue Storm transformation for Storm?

    Will there be any other way to collect costumes in game?

    Thank you for your time!

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24

    The player trading tech is about half done. We have a lot of things we would like to balance before we progress much further to ensure we have a robust trading economy and we don't have a huge negative impact on the game.

    So, no exact ETA on trading, but it is scheduled for the next few months. After that tech, we need to develop in-game-email which we would then build the auction house on top  of that system.


  • Chima82Chima82 Member Posts: 1

    Who is Doomsaw's alter ego?  

    Was Doomsaw always on the team, or a post-live addition?

    Do you have past working experience with Doomsaw, if so, on what games/projects?

    Great job on the enhancements to the game since launch; you've come a long way in a short period of time... I look forward to seeing what the next 3 months bring to the table too!




  • km1990bkm1990b Member Posts: 2

    Hey David,


    My major question and concern is, how are you making sure every existing hero is getting the attention that is needed, especially with the hype of new characters being released?

    I don't know how far you know about the situation on the forums, but 95% of the Jean Grey players are disappointed in how she plays. She has major issues with mobility, survivability and she has been said to be "boring" by most people I have come across. There is also a major complaint that in comparison there are never any dev posts in her thread.


  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24

    Player housing is something we have talked about a few times. There are no set plans at this time, but there is quite a bit of interest on the team. We would also think about Supergroup housing as well.


  • ReckeRecke Member Posts: 2

    I have a few questions:


    1) As much as this game is an ARPG, many players are so accustomed to MMORPGs that the game seems to being moving in that direction.  Is this something we should expect?  


    2) Skill trees for certain characters have recently been changed, much to the approval of the community.  Wolverine and Hulk are prime examples.  Something I noted was that a huge part of the change was passives for players to dump their power points in.  Can we expect similar changes to other characters?


    3) What's the goal of adding content?  This falls back on #1, but this game has been trying and stated (via dev blog) that it will add end game content.  But isn't that counter intuitive to normal ARPG standards?  How are we supposed to grind for gear (if we enjoy that) if there will be endgame content which'll probably have some perk to doing it over farming harder difficulties of the story mode, etc (assuming) Heroic and Superheroic modes.

  • beergo99lesbeergo99les Member Posts: 9

    Hello :)


    I've been wondering for awhile. Your title is President and COO, not sure what that means. Can you explain a bit what an average day as your title is at Gazillion? How much of your influence and work is just focused on Marvel Heroes, or is it a mix between bankers and the game. 


    Also Who is Doomsaw :(

  • bladefury55bladefury55 Member Posts: 1

    Hi David


    Was wondering if there's any plans to bring more visual uniqueness to our characters? this is quite a big concern among many, and wonder if there's any plans to add items that will enhance our characters look and that type of thing?

  • clawIIIclawIII Member Posts: 2

    Hey David!

    Awesome game a big fan of your work! :)


    Can you explain your philosophy on level 60 in MH not being the "end", and potentially wanting to go to 100 or beyond. I understand some people think hitting 60 is it, game over, but MOST people that play these kind of games think 60 is just the beginning and strive to get there so they can start looking for the best gear/items.

  • TheEnygmaTheEnygma Member UncommonPosts: 26
    Are there any plans yet to have separated inventory for your characters, rather than the one unified inventory? And will there be an option to test out a hero before purchasing if it's not already implemented?
  • RasereiRaserei Member UncommonPosts: 1,069

    David - The game gas definitely gotten better since launch. Midtown is super fun. Cosmic items were much needed! I have a few issues and I'm not sure how you can answer this but here it goes:


    1.) Terminals seem only used for daily Cube Shards. I feel as though there could be more incentive to go inside because Midtown trumps terminals at the moment.


    2.) Crafting has huge potential! Any plans to add a bunch more recipes such as:

    ---Gambling greens + Credit to have a chance at a blue 

    ---Gambling a purple item + credits to have a chance at either a new purple or a cosmic item....  

    ---Trading in 5 cosmic items to have a chance at either a new cosmic item or an eternity shard

    or just any recipes that add more flavor.


    3.)  When can we see a real defense tweak? (And I think it goes beyond defense. Red terminals are just ridiculous in the amount of damage we take)


    4.) I recently switched from Rocket Raccoon to Cable. (This is just one example) Cable is by far light years ahead of RR. Cable is super fun to play and has a nice kill speed. The issue is that there are a lot of scenarios where this is true. Some heroes are just underpowered. Instead of "nerfing", I think every hero should have there own powerful feel. While I talk about RR, I feel he can use a HUGE turret tweak. They are just too weak, squishy, and too situational to truly  get used much.

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24

    We agree that the depth isn't where we want it quite yet.

    I hope that difficulty modes will help a bit and we have a bunch of new end-game modes coming (like our endless X-mansion defense). We will also be putting in match-based PvP.

    A little further out, we want to get into larger-group activities like raid targets.

    Also, keep in mind that we are going to be re-balancing the game quite a bit once the defense system changes in the next patch. I expect it may end up being a bit more challenging than it used to be.

    Thanks so much for the support! 400 hours is impressive!!


  • BowskiBearBowskiBear Member Posts: 3

    Hi David! few things. - ill keep short and brief ;-)

    1. Can you share any tips for collecting chase costumes? I have been grinding daily since launch to no avail- any tips will help!

    2. In the official forums for MH I suggested Chase Heroes. Im curious if there has been any talk in house about it. I would lovve more things to grind and chase!

    3. May I suggest having some sort of contest where the winner will choose the next hero to develop (given it gets the ok from Marvel) How exciting would that be!?

    4. Can you please give us a little bit of info to chew on about the alleged upcoming X-Mansion event?

    Thanks David! Your the man sir!

  • BenbradaBenbrada Member UncommonPosts: 519

    Any thought in providing more inventory space, perhaps through the store, in the future? e.g. 'x' number of dollars for an extra row?

    With the current loot drop rate in the game I do two dailies and my inventory is full and I have to stop between dailies and sell. This from a guy who only picks up mostly greens and above :-)

  • DavidBrevikDavidBrevik Gazillion Entertainment (CEO)Member Posts: 24

    Re: Chase costumes

    We've been talking about this a lot internally lately. We currently don't have any definite plans. One possibility involves crafting recipes, another could be Raid loot. We may offer them for sale in the store at some point, as there are many players who want these costumes more than any other costume in the game but with the current drop rates, have no way to obtain them.

    We will come up with something great for everyone. We agree that we want these in more people's hands.


  • golanbendorgolanbendor Member Posts: 3
    hey david, i am a proud up owned too. first of all i like to thank u and your team for the gazilion hours spend to tweaking and making the game better and better. u make patches go out like cotton candy in a carnival so 10x for that.

    here are my quesitons

    1. when we can see heroes syenrgies? and can u give an example on one you have in mind?

    2. when can we see those sweet legendry and set items and can u give an example?

    3. in the test center thir are going to be relics and a mystery item what is that?

    4. how many items  slots are u inteinding to have for each hero have after all of the pacth are out? and whats goung to be the new item slots beside relics?

    5. are u planning doing  a tooltip comprasion so i coud so how much dps a lose or gain from each item? as well as how many hp or defense?

    10x for the time and 10x for your passion of u and your team

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