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Wind of Luck: Arena - Unique experience of the dynamic naval fight in the age of sail!

This is a Wind of Luck: Arena Alpha Beta Video, this doesnt reflect the final quality.


Wind of Luck: Arena - Unique experience of the dynamic naval fight in the age of sail!


A new free-to play multiplayer session-based online game, Wind of Luck: Arena, developing by Trazzy Entertainment Ltd., will take you to the world of naval fights in the age sail. The game is centered on the naval battle – dynamic, decisive and devastating constant action, where skillful captain can sink much bigger ships, using a wide variety of different tricks and unusual actions. There are many different types of war vessels, which can be equipped by a number of various weapons, such as long cannons, carronades, mitrailleuses, harpoons, even ballistae and catapults. Each and every ship has its strong points and vulnerabilities, and even the small schooner can achieve victory against a heavy frigate.


From tiny fragile boats with 2-4 small cannons to massive four-deckers and legendary colossal Chinese Junks – the range of available ships is truly wide. The same can be said about armament – they range from 4-pounder Minions to massive Quebrantamuro cannons. A number of uncommon custom options available for players too – including catapults, mitrailleuses, harpoon cannons, barrels with oil and gunpowder, fireboats, mortars, smoke… we created a truly unpredictable and dynamic battle environment where a lot of tricks can be successfully used.


Currently there is a team vs team battle mode, where 2 random teams of 10 players each compete in a battle location for a sunken treasure. Battle locations vary from the Caribbean Sea to the Isles of Sunda, and each location is carefully designed for allowing different gameplay tactics and themed to reflect some famous legend or history from the age of sail period.


Open beta of Wind of Luck: Arena is planned to August/September 2013.


Keep in mind this is the battle part of the original game Wind of Luck, the game will be launched in two phases. Firstly Wind of Luck: Arena this includes all the battle aspects from the game and later the Full game.


You can sign up for the beta here:


Hope to see you all in the beta of Wind of luck: Arena soon!



- Maarten


More info available at:



  • MaartenwinkelsMaartenwinkels Member Posts: 2

    Hello everybody, if you have any question about the Beta or the game feel free to comment in the comment section below. I will check it daily to answer the questions.


  • sailingisfunsailingisfun Member Posts: 4
    It's an amazing experience playing this game, I've tried it ! :)
  • steodosicsteodosic Member Posts: 18

    Yes, this is one of those games that can make you feel the freedom of movement and unique experience of sailing the legendary ships. I've added few screenshots to make new players more familiar with the gameplay:

    The Battle Scene

    The picture above is screenshot of a battle scene.

    This one is from the Archipelago scenery.


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