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F2P shows its true colors.



  • A.BlacklochA.Blackloch Member UncommonPosts: 841
    Going bit off topic, but Warframe is the first quality F2P I've played. No pay2win items in market, no disgusting "BUY NOW" spam. All content available for free accounts.
  • KalimanbbKalimanbb Member Posts: 1

    Started same topic in the offical FF forums without seeing this one. 

    Im totally with P2P games... 

    Pros and cons for me. (My opinion, no offense to anyone and not trying to convince anyone.)


    Pro - Money spending is not a must. / I dont have any other pros for F2P really..

    Con - Not every game but most games are actually Pay to Win, even though fanboys says 'oh you can achieve everything without spending a dime!' It's something I do aswell. But to be honest, if you're getting the best pet with money, if you finish your crafts instantly while f2p waits for days, it is a pay to win, I'm sorry. There are many more examples for sure.

    Con - More 'come and go' community, which lowers quality of friendships, chats etc. ( you will not understand it if you're not 25+) Consequently brings more swears and spams on zone chats etc.

    Con - You can combine this with the con below. Since we working people do not have/want to wait for a craft for 5 games, we finally get bored and leave the game, which leaves games to younger people. Which is ok but when yougers getting higher and higher, you end up low and consequently leave the game because of boredom. 


    Pro - Accessing all content. 

    Pro - Less / No waiting times. (At least everyones equal.)

    Pro - Better community.

    Con - Must spend subs. money.

    Con - if the games end-game content is not designed well, game eventually end up grinding (Aion is the best example.) And EU/US players doesnt like it. Which means game eventually dies.

    Best solution ; HYBRID for god's sake. Leave the choice to people whether if they want to pay monthly or if they want to use the market. Aion, TERA, SWTOR has it as far as I know and many more too. 

    Firefall is a good game, but for IV research waiting for 5 days or 5 bucks... it's tiring peepz, believe it or not, it is tiring. 

    I will not give up any soon though... So far my Power is not 10 and I am taking it slow so I will catch my IV on the same time I make my power 10. But I would rather playing hardcore on weekends instead taking it slow...



  • TreephrogTreephrog Member Posts: 17
    Originally posted by Brialyn

    I play this game off and on with my husband. It isn't particularly my cup of tea but it's fun to play with him so I partake while I wait for FFXIV.  It isn't a bad game, as I said, I have enjoyed my small amount of time but I don't care about lvling up the armor and weapons. I don't play it enough. Last night my husband found out why I hate to F2P because he never really understood it.  He is trying to unlock lvl 4 weapons and crafting them takes 5 days unless you want to spend money.  Ok, I understand that F2P needs to make money somehow (through vanity items are preferable to what they are doing).  However, the math doesn't add up to what I would pay for a sub.  15 bucks unlocks everything...the highest lvl craft might take a day.  To craft everything the husband wants to craft and not use all his crafting slots (so he can play other frames while he waits) will take 2 months (for one frame)! It's going to take two months no matter how much he plays. Unless, he wants to pay 100 bucks.  How is this "cheaper" than a sub? I just don't understand.  To be clear, this is not getting to max level in 2 months...this is getting equipment one lvl higher.  He currently has lvl 3 gear. 

    Anyway I just told him welcome to the world of F2P and he said he didn't see himself playing the game much longer.  If the price were more reasonable (closer to a sub fee) he would happily pay that.  He isn't interested (nor would I allow him) in spending $100 bucks now only to discover if he wants to craft something for another frame  it's going to cost him another $100.  

    I understand that there are people that love F2P but I haven't seen a shining example of it yet.  GW2 was B2P and it was fine because everything in the shop is vanity or convenience.  I suppose you could argue that it is convenience to buy time to speed up your craft but when something takes 5 days it's beyond ridiculous. 12 hours, fine. A day, fine. 5 days is stupid and the only reason to make it that long is to make people pay. So why not just have a sub? Or at least go B2P. My sub to FFXIV will cost me $179.88 for the year.  My husband in FF can't even get two frames with weapons maxed out for that.  I don't really want to start a whole F2P/P2P argument, though I know that is what is going to happen.  I just don't understand why some people continue to say it's the best model. It's the most used model right now, sure, but is it really what's best? 

    Obviously I can't speak for all gamers.  However, I can speak for me, and this is the used car salesmen like feel I keep saying F2P games stink of. 

    Few issues you've missed here. For starters, you don't have to craft at all. You can loot gear, or buy looted or crafted gear on the market. Secondly, you have no reason whatsoever to research every single item at top level for all frames. Once you get to that stage, you pretty much know the couple of things you want to have crafting access to for specific frames, along with any common pieces you might want. Lastly, it doesn't take 5 days to craft. It takes 5 days to research.

    Not sure, exactly what frame he needs to research 12 frame specific pieces at stage 4, though. So I'm kind of puzzled. Main weapon, HKM, Passive, plus 3 abilities and possibly a plating if the frame is one with specialized plating gives 7. But then most people aren't going to be running stage 4 on all their slots due to constraints, and many things are cheaply bought that are better than crafted in all ways other than durability. So... I'm seeing something being called a problem that's really not.

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