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Z-board not that great?

In december i purchased a Zboard and the WoW board for it.

I spent probaly two days to get the thing to work, it just didn't couldn't figure it out (i'm a tech support personel too)

anyway i finaly get it work, and a few months later (april 1st no doubt) i move into my new atp just across town. first thing i move is my computer, only my computer goes in the car the night before and i take it there and hook it up, so 1 hour of downtime max. well now i had problems with it again. it works as a standard keyboard but switching between WoW and the standard dosen't work.

ive contacted Idea Zone about this, and after a few days of testing, they appologize and stat they don't support my OS (windows 2000 server)

so i finaly give up, and tomorow i am off to buy a new keyboard and mouse combo.

the question i have is mmorpg.com is allways showing off the Zboard, but is there any other recomendations out there for gaming? any individuality?



  • dsorrentdsorrent Member CommonPosts: 1,627

    If you are looking for alternatives to a Z-Board for gaming, check out the Nostromo SpeedPad n52 from Belkin.

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    My first Zboard broke when it fell off my desk and when I say broke, I mean shattered into 7 pieces and flying keys all over the place. The second one has burnt out keys that just don't work. I don't even know why, and I don't really care anymore. I won't be buying another one.

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  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Member Posts: 2,782

    Originally posted by dsorrent
    If you are looking for alternatives to a Z-Board for gaming, check out the Nostromo SpeedPad n52 from Belkin.

    I second that advice. The keys are a little stiff at first, but it's a very worthy purchase for the hardcore FPS'er.


  • VampirVampir Member Posts: 4,239

    ...... i bought a 100 dollar keyboard i dont know the brand.

    and a 30 dollar mouse.

    i dont need another keyboard or mouse ever in my mind and i am a serious UT2k4 player.

    and i really dont see the need for all this expensive equipment the performance boost is negligible.


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  • sidebustersidebuster Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

    I use the saitek gamming keyboard and a wireless microsoft intillemouse explorer 2.0. I have a zboard and dont use it anymore because it was a hassle changing back and forth, you could call it a gimmik. i liked the design on the saitek keyboard with its zero elevation keys. I reccomend getting or checking out the saitek.

  • gwoefgwoef Member Posts: 5

    my biggest beef was that i saw so much advertised on mmorpg.com and so many contests were giving them away. i figured they must be good.

    and only now ive noticed its the only keyboard i see advertised on this place, unless i am just not noticing the other stuff.

  • master_sithmaster_sith Member Posts: 9

    hmmmmmmmmm.great advise.luckilliy i havent bought that.

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