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So if you could change the art style POLL

cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117
So far every poll that has been put up about the art style and whether people like it has overwhelmingly been in favor of the art style.  With some also saying they were not opposed but might have preferred  a more serious/realistic approach. So this poll isn't about whether you love or hate the style, but instead of  a....if given the chance would  you change it? Feel free to leave a comment  below with what style you would change it to, If you voted that way..


  • EadricEadric Member Posts: 28

    Assuming that changing the art style of the character models wouldn't adversely affect scaleability, accessibility, and performance, I'd downgrade the stylized aspects by about half and I'd altar the color pallets we saw on the characters more towards what I'd expect to see if the characters were real people.

    That said, I'm okay with the art direction and it is in no way going to stop me from playing the game and I'm super excited about a lot of the features they've touched on (especially 'permanent change' and 'emergent AI').

  • dimnikardimnikar Member Posts: 271

    I would not.

    If MMO history has taught me anything is that WoW still looks amazing (imagine what it'd look like with that engine and a realistic art style), while EQ2 does not (in SOEs own words, EQ2 was "realistic high fantasy").


    Same goes for LOTRO.

  • AvengorikAvengorik Member Posts: 15

    You know my favorite zones in EQ were : Unrest, befallen, plane of fear , plane of hate because they had the scary/horror feeling and it made them so much fun in my point of view.


    I wont mind the current art style if they can prove me that they still can captive this immersion in EQ next.


    I simply cannot imagine cazic-thule or Innoruuk as cartoons vilains, not with what Ive seen so far.

  • irpugbossirpugboss Member UncommonPosts: 427
    I have to see more character models, and even then based on the current ones I am not overly concerned. I mean it be nice to have a more stylized but grittier look, but I havent seen all the possible models in game. Who knows what other aesthetics are capable in their game using their character creator? Until then I wouldn't change it unless they planned on doing so already, then I would give specific requests.

  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,087

    I am not fan of the artstyle I have seen so far. But so far it is also the only negative thing for me. But on the other hand, it is maybe an artstyle that doesn't require a lot of graphic performance.

    What to replace it with if I could? I like the artstyle in GW1,GW2, SWG, Vanguard, Fallen Earth, Skyrim. So more of a stylised realistic look maybe. I don't like the ridicilous huge shoulderpads that are so obviously unpractical to fight with. Meaning, armour in WoW, TERA etc. There is no point in protection if it makes you barely able to see and hinders your agility too much. I have seen outfits in some games that would make fighting naked more safe.

    I definately don't want EQ2 artstyle. EQ2's pastel coloured armour is silly lol. I also don't require super detailed FPS state of the art graphics. Good performance for the majority of ppl is a lot more important in a MMO imo.

  • MothanosMothanos Member UncommonPosts: 1,910

    Let me say that i dont dislike cartoon per se, i kind like it in some mmo's.
    But in EQN they look way to disney like "ban incomming again MMORPG?"

    I played wow for many many years and never cared about it.
    I do care about cartoon characters that they presented, looking at the lion and his colors theme just was to much.
    The female looked better but the face was to doll like, there is a thread here on the forums where a guy photoshopped the EQN characters abit more adult and it looked 1000x timer better :)

    I hope this isnt the final version of characters ^^
    They still got time to make it look more adult and less disney like :)

  • RedcorRedcor Member Posts: 426
    Cartoon style + SOE = pass for me

    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can
    be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.
    -Robert E. Howard

  • cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117
    Originally posted by Mothanos

    there is a thread here on the forums where a guy photoshopped the EQN characters abit more adult and it looked 1000x timer better :)

    I hope this isnt the final version of characters ^^
    They still got time to make it look more adult and less disney like :)

    That's your opinion. His female was dog ugly and not nearly as good as the original. His Kerran was pretty good.

  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    The current human model is ok with me, surprisingly.  But this may have something to do with how I never really liked the human models offered in EQ1, especially after the Luclin model revamp back in 2001.  The Kerra model however, does not work for me.  I much prefer the Vah Shir of EQ1 or Kerra of EQ2.  I suppose I do need to see more models to come to a final judgement.  But seeing how the cat race was so cool in EQ1 and EQ2, the change to lion king really just doesn't work for me.  It's too big of a change.


    I have zero problem with the environment, npc, or particle graphics.  Only beef I have currently is with the character models, or the little we've seen so far.


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