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Everything you need to know about Dragon Ball Online

     Okay, since not a lot of people on this website know much about this game, i've chosen to make this thread to help people who want to play this game.

     first off, there are three versions to this game, DBO KR, DBO TW, and DBO HK. Out of all of these versions, DBO TW has the most english players, but the prices in the auction house are pretty high,( Auction House is a feature in the game that allows players to sell their items to other players for in game money?) so some move to DBO HK since the prices are lower. DBO KR is the best version since it gets all of the updates first and a lot of more good things, but it costs money to play DBO KR. DBO TW also experiences technical issues every now and then, but its not really a big deal. DBO TW and DBO HK are both in Chinese and DBO KR is in Korean. I don't think they're going to make a DBO in america/Europe/Japan anytime soon though.

Most english players go to this forum website to discuss various things like in game classes, Technicall issues they might encounter, etc.

here's a thread for players who want to play DBO HK:

Here's a thread for those of you who want to Install DBO TW:

Here's a thread to get registered:?http://
Here's a thread to play DBO KR:

     also, don't listen to those other threads saying that quests are scarce at lvl 35 because there's a lvling dungeon that will boost you up some lvls and theres a present box that helps you lvl anyways. Also, those people haven't even made it past level 35!

     In my opinion, this game is great. You don't really need money to succeed in the game because most of the things that  you can buy with real money, you can buy in the auction house with in game money. Also, all classes can succeed in PVP because if you have good gear and good skill, you can beat anyone. How fast you level depends on your class though, but its pretty easy to level up on the game. Also, if the language of the game turns you off, english players have made an english patch that translates most of the Chinese/Korean text in the game. Here's a thread for the English patch:

      Hopefully this game convinced you to play DBO, and if you need help with anything else, go to . If you like the game, support it and give the company who made it feedback and suggestions at


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