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Lord of the Rings Online: MEO Name Changed

DanaDana Member Posts: 2,415

In an announcement about an upcoming Turbine Nation event, details below, Turbine Director of Community Relations Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna also let is be known that Turbine has changed the name of Middle Earth Online to Lord of the Rings Online.

Save the date! Turbine Nation will be held at the Rhode Island Convention Center on Saturday, August 13th, 2005!

  • Meet the developers for Asheron’s Call, Asheron’s Call 2, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and The Lord of the Rings Online.
  • Attend the Asheron’s Call Player Lunch.
  • Panels and workshops.
  • Play Dungeons & Dragons Online.
  • Win chances to get into the DDO beta!
  • Get a sneak peek at The Lord of the Rings Online.
  • And more!
Pricing for the event will be as follows:
  • $49 early registration / $60 afterwards
  • $30 AC Player Lunch - must register early
We are also considering holding a special “ViP” reception the night before the event, Friday August 12th. For a total price of $99 players can attend the ViP reception, the AC Player lunch, and the main Turbine Nation event. The ViP reception would be limited to a specific number of people and would be a chance to spend more time with the developers and see some special “behind the scenes” stuff! Before we confirm this we’d like to hear your feedback.

An official announcement will be coming in the next couple of weeks and early registration will begin sometime in June.

Discuss this announcement here!


A thanks to the folks at Blue's News for noticing!

Dana Massey
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  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786

    Heh, i'm sure if they called it something other than Lord of the Rings, then their sales ratings would have plummeted about 80%.



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  • OminisOminis Member Posts: 1,015

    Yeah, the only reason they are doing it is to get the interest of people who might not recognize what "Middle-Earth" means. Personally I liked the name Middle Earth Online instead of the Lord of the Rings Online, it sounded a bit more catchy to me. It would be funny to see how much a difference in sales they would make from the game without the name change.

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  • ElapsedElapsed Member UncommonPosts: 2,329

    I too liked Middle Earth Online better but only because it didn't sound as nerdy as Lord of the Rings.

  • KingElessarKingElessar Member Posts: 18

    The Name of it doesn't bother me. I just hope that this doesn't mean a change in game direction.

  • paradymeparadyme Member Posts: 238

    This makes absolutly no sense, how much of this game is actually taking place during the time period of The Lord Of The Rings, and are we gonna see Frodo walking down the road carrying the One Ring?

    This is hype in its purest form and it totally makes me sick. This is like MXO changing the name to NEO Online, or SWG changing the name to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi "Be the one to cut luke skywalkers hand off"

    I just lost all respect for Turbine and wont be wasting any of my money on any of their titles anymore.

  • KingElessarKingElessar Member Posts: 18

    It totally makes since. And it is at the time of the War of the Ring/Lord of the Rings. Just if you wanted to know 'The Lord of the Rings timeframe' spans around 3500 years and it isn't about Frodo.

    How could you lose all respect for someone over something like this? It is only a name change. No offence but that is very immature.

    And it isn't like Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Online, it would have to be called Lord of the Rings; Return of the King Online or something equivalent


    ps. Luke Skywalker didn't get his hand cut off in 'Return of the Jedi' it was in 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

  • ToastyToasty Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Originally posted by KingElessar
    ps. Luke Skywalker didn't get his hand cut off in 'Return of the Jedi' it was in 'The Empire Strikes Back'.


    anyways, personally, I liked MEO better than Lord of the Rings Online... now its gonna have a silly acronym (LotRO image) cause Lord of the Rings Online is a bit of a mouthful. I can see/understand why they made the change, and they are buisness, so anyway they can (legally) make profit i'm sure they will.

  • EffectEffect Member UncommonPosts: 949

    I too thought Middle Earth Online sounded better but I can completely understand the reasoning for chaning the game, that is if the reason was to gett more people interested and make sure they have a clearer understanding of what the game was about. Make complete sense to me. Middle-Earth as a name isn't going to grab as many people as "Lord of the Rings" itself would.

  • jimmyman99jimmyman99 Member UncommonPosts: 3,221

    Plus it makes more sense to change name to LOTRO becuase Middle-Earth is mostly associated with the battle for middle earth, which limits game design. LOTRO however is not limited in time, so you can have a lot of story plots pre or post the war for the middle earth.

    PS: what about the sides of the earth. Has anyone thought about Sides of the Earth???

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  • SmokeysongSmokeysong Member UncommonPosts: 247

    Bah! Bring back 'Middle Earth Online', the game isn't about the Rings. And if it is about the Rings it won't be a good game :/

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