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Why use the name "EVERQUEST"?



  • tank017tank017 Member Posts: 2,192
    Originally posted by andrewr47
    Originally posted by Pigglesworth
    I am amazed at the number of threads on the forum cranky about the name. What does it matter? Its a name. Its simply a marketing tool. That's it. The game is what matters. Let them name it whatever they want.


    This is just illogical. What if Coca cola made orange juice and called it Coke NEXT? That would be ludicrous. 

    How about some Star Wars on boats?

  • Sajman01Sajman01 Member Posts: 204
    Perhaps I'd have been upset if they called it Everquest 3 but they didn't. It's called Everquest Next, much like Final Fantasy called their spin-off Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Flaming_MMOFlaming_MMO Member Posts: 137
    I guess they could have called it Free Realms 2:  Fantasy AdventureQuest, but it probably would not have gotten as much attention.
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