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Too Late to start DAoC

haidonghaidong Member Posts: 12

I am getting very bored with WoW....I've noticed a trend throughout the forums that start with that same opening line.... but anyway I was looking for a new game and I was thinking DAoC but its been out for quite a while... is it too late to start playing, is it old and has just lost its flare like most games do after a couple years? Or is it still new and vibrant and full of life, so I could play for a long time with a new character?


  • Veiled_lightVeiled_light Member UncommonPosts: 848
    I would say yes due to lack of new players
  • _Drakin__Drakin_ Member Posts: 50
    They are going to release a new server soon, until then you could do a trial account or two.


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  • EchaniEchani Member Posts: 72
    I would say that DAoC is still as vibrant as ever especially with the new expansions.  Mythic has been adding alot of new ways for people to experience even by themselves.  I recently enjoyed playing my new Warlock from 1 to 20 in a few weeks.  This was just playing my few hours at a time that I have been able to squeeze in amongst classwork.  There is more than ever to do in DAoC and RvR is hopping.

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  • Zerocool032Zerocool032 Member Posts: 729

    Ive seen alot of newer players (merlin)


  • lewllewl Member Posts: 86

    I am currently leveling up several alts.

    It seems with the free level deal plus all the new quest plaus the insta dungeon there are plenty ways to level up and it seems liek there are plenty of people to play with still.

    I just tried the free 15 day shadowbane last night. I found that the server I started on was gone so I had to start a new toon. Then I found no one around at all. and finally the point and click movement is just si irritating. I went back and played my 39 sorcere in the BG's a little later and I had so much more fun. Except I went line dead a bunch andhad some lag issues.

    Can anyone tell me ifthere is anything I can do to stop the lag?

  • alana1010alana1010 Member Posts: 1

    Try server Gawain realm Midgard. lots of new characters there and always people that will help you lvl your char.

    Since gawain got 2 new classes that cannot /level to level 20 they will have to level tru all the levels. We have a free level every 3 days and there are lots of places to level fast even if you dont have the catacomb exp.

    So yes, you still can start as a brand new player and will have lots of fun :)



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  • RadiationStormRadiationStorm Member Posts: 120

    I always wanted to try DAoC but for a long time there wasn't ever a free trial available which allowed me to do so and the price of the game was also too high to merely give it a shot. But now all of sudden with WoW, EQ2 and GW out the price plummets and a free trial is on offer. That sucks and I honestly don't like their attitude.

    PS: Ignore what I said if the trial has been availble for ages (i.e. more than six months). :P

  • WordaenWordaen Member Posts: 203
    I tried the trial and I liked it so much I went out and got the game and first 2 expansions. While my characters are all under 20 still, I really enjoy the medieval aspect of the game and the fantasy setting. And I like being able to either solo or group depending on my mood and being able to get xp either way.
  • JulianDracosJulianDracos Member UncommonPosts: 1,528

    Originally posted by sposocke

    I always wanted to try DAoC but for a long time there wasn't ever a free trial available which allowed me to do so and the price of the game was also too high to merely give it a shot. But now all of sudden with WoW, EQ2 and GW out the price plummets and a free trial is on offer. That sucks and I honestly don't like their attitude.

    PS: Ignore what I said if the trial has been availble for ages (i.e. more than six months). :P

    A trail has been available for at least 1 yr and a half.  As for the cost, I do not know where you shop but the price for the Plantium Edition is usually $19.99.  I really do not consider that expensive espically compared to WoW, EQ2, and GW. 
  • LidaleLidale Member Posts: 88

    you will never be alone.
    I just started at lancelot.. hibernia.
    You start the game out in a begginner guild which you can leave at any time but there are so many cool/helpful people on this chat so until later onyou will benefit from staying in it.

  • GelthanasGelthanas Member Posts: 24
    No, its never to late to start. There is no final word on any new server as of yet. The game has changed very much since release. There all but giving you a lvl 50 toon now. It is pretty easy to get levels with the task instance dungeons and plenty of new/ old player playing different classes. Give it a shot and good luck image
  • brostynbrostyn Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,092
    No, its not too late. Just be aware that you will have a long, frustrating road ahead of you. Just like in any MMO that has been establishd for this long. Try to pick a realm/server that works together, ie ML raids, RvRs as a unit. Once you get yourself in a decent guild you will be ok, imo.
  • sir-animasir-anima Member Posts: 210

    I am also concidering of buying this game , but are there stil lots of people playing the game ?
    can you post some fansites ?

  • lewllewl Member Posts: 86


    # Vision of Sages (362 clicks)
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    # VN: Pellinor Forums (333 clicks)
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    # Shadows Edge (180 clicks)
    Maps of NF including PoC [broken link]

    # Catacombs Character Builder (163 clicks)
    A highly useful tool used to help you plan out how to spend your character's various specialization points. [broken link]

    # DAoC Realm Abilities Configurator (156 clicks)
    Great site to plan out how to spend your RA points. [broken link]

    # Warcry Quest Database (133 clicks)
    Camelot Warcry quest database. [broken link]

    # Motog's Crafting Calculator (125 clicks)
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    # Kistena's Maps (103 clicks)
    Best maps that list Mob locations for low to mid leveling. [broken link]

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    There are allot more :-)

  • LasastardLasastard Member Posts: 604

    I agree...a long road lays ahead for a new player in daoc. It is not as easy to get into it and much more complex then most other games. Prepare for months of grinding, camping mobs, farming gold and so on until you reach the final, exciting end game content ;)

    A great game but I wouldnt have the willpower to do the whole thing again from lvl 1 to 50, Masterlevel, Artifacts and the upcoming champion level.

  • lonelyrobotlonelyrobot Member Posts: 194

    It's not too late to get into the game, but it will take a lot of patience if you plan to play competitively. These days a level 50 with no master levels or realm ranks will get two-shotted as if they're a grey-con. So it's quite a mountain to climb, but it's certainly doable.

    I remember taking my level 50 out of retirement to try out the new battlegrounds only to get completely steamrolled. The good news however is that it takes a lot less time to get to level 50 than it used to. Back in my day, there were only 15-20 of us on the entire server.

  • lewllewl Member Posts: 86

    I just went out and RVRed last night for the first time in a while. It was a blast. I've been battling going LD too ofter for awhile. I think it was the dust that had accumulated in my graphics card that was causing it in the end. So with that being finally fixed or cleaned out I had allot of fun.

    Yeah I have an ML 10 pally. But our newly minted lvl 50 sorcer who was with us also had a blast with out any ML's or arts yet.

  • Blingbling2kBlingbling2k Member Posts: 157
    Dude I just started it and I would say defanantly yes try it!

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  • I think you could still play,

    First of all mythic wasnt really known for paying attention to there customers, but in the past couple of months they have really been looking at player feedback and fixing all their problems and adding thigns to make the game better. With the last expansion it has added so many things. When the newest expansion comes out at the end of this year it is going to add a ton of new things. Mythic is starting to pay attention. They are starting to make the game enjoyable again. Ive played for over 3 years, and im still here having fun.

    When people see mythic is adding new things to dark age of camelot lots of the people that are sick of WoW and Eq2 and all the other games are going to come back to Dark Age of Camelot. It has the best PvP system, and the RVR is the greatest. You will always have things to do.

    Dark Age of Camelot is still heading in a pretty good direction.

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