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EQ2 - SOE Live Panels

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

more info (and pictures) - if you visit the links

Buy Heroic Endlines

  • 2nd line costs 20 points
  • 3rd line costs 30 points
  • Doesn’t require expansion
  • Will be getting some rebalancing and reworking

New Dragon AA tree. Different dragon based on your archetype (this is just flavor):

  • Woushi – fighter
  • Yelenak – priest
  • Dozekar – scouts
  • Trakanon – mages

At long last, Dungeon Finder is being rebuilt!

  • Updated UI will show you your place in the queue.
  • Rewards for using Dungeon Finder – bonus currency, plat, loot crates for using the system
  • Internal calculator for determining the correct level of gear to survive the dungeon
  • Matchmaker will only build functional groups with tank, healer, support, DPS, and 2 other slots.
  • Matchmaker will try to grab a Troubador if you have a mage group, Dirge if you have scout group. It won’t hold up a group for these, but it will try to build the best possible group. Very smart.

Tired of relying on the computer’s matchmaker to build a group? Build your own based on everyone who is currently LFG!

  • Group Builder is an Advanced Mode for Dungeon Finder.
  • Allows group leaders to customize the allowed classes. Can specify only specific tank classes for specific zones, or certain classes for specific zones.

PvP (Omougi)

  • Wards balanced vs. Reactives vs Heals over Time
  • Noticeable increase to health. Increases to Autoattack damage to prevent interminable fights.
  • Entry level gear should be rewarded pretty quick, and then later goals shouldn’t require weeks (months?) of token grinding.

Channeler class - Dissonance is the equivalent of Savagery.

  • Has a Construct (golem) pet that can intercept damage. Not fully a pet class.
  • The Construct reduces damage of groupmates, which can be parsed.
  • Construct’s health is based on Channeler’s stats.
  • He can’t die, he just stops absorbing damage at 25%, gets worse at absorbing damage as his health drops. Construct cannot be attacked by mobs, can be in PvP. Cannot be healed by normal meals. Only the Channeler can heal the construct.
  • Construct has 6 appearance slots, 4 ability slots.
  • Channelers can go out in the world and pick up appearances.
  • Construct doesn’t need to be skilled up like Beastlord Warders.


EQ2 Panel #2: EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan Expansion  (forthcoming)

Advanced Solo Loot

If you want loot for a specific class, run the zone with that class. If you want all the pieces in the armor set, then you have to run all the zones. You won’t just run Dreadcutter until your eyes bleed.

NOTE: Looks like this is going to take care of SLR which is what Advanced Solo loot turned into with CoE.

Heroic Loot

  • Special rare items.
  • Mission system similar to Shadow Odyssey.
  • Really awesome temporary adornments will drop in heroic zones similar to Challenge Duo zones.

Raid Loot

  • Going back to Patterns.


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