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Tactica Online: Dev Talk On Our Boards

DanaDana Member Posts: 2,415

Luke "Trismegistus" Carruthers, the head man at Imaginary Numbers, popped into our Tactica Online Message Board to say hello and answer a couple fan questions that did not sneak into the upcoming Q&A series posted every other Friday.

Feel free to drop by the board to post your comments, and discuss the game with fellow fans. Keep in mind, the development team is watching!

Expansions and Missions

Naithin, we hope everyone feels the same way! I've left your other question for the Q&A, but this was one I wanted to cover too.

Regular expansion sets are important to Tactica Online. They're how we'll keep gameplay fresh, and they're how we move the story forward, not to mention how we avoid having to charge a monthly subscription fee. We're not yet ready to announce how frequent they'll be, but it's likely there will be more than one a year, and they'll include a huge amount of content.

That doesn't mean updates will be restricted to expansion sets - story updates, mission sets, and skill tweaks are all likely to be done more frequently.

Another quick answer for your question, Silicor: A mission can have lots of people in it, though there becomes a point, usually around half a dozen squads - which could mean anywhere from 6 to 30 players - at which turns simply take too long. There's nothing to say that just because a particular mission started with two people that no one else can ever join, either.

-Luke "Trismegistus" Carruthers

Tomorrow will be Tactica Online Q&A #2 with Luke. Every other Friday we quiz Luke with four new questions, mostly gathered from you the community. We are currently seeking questions for Q&A #4; you can enter your questions in this thread.

Dana Massey
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