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Mount Hua Competition - Spectator Mode

bcbullybcbully Member RarePosts: 9,436


The focal point of our new expansion is the Mount Hua Competition. Players will compete for the Heaven Sword and 5 Unique Titles: Eastern Heretic, Western Venom, Southern Monarch, Northern Beggar and Central Divine.

Take part in the competition, or learn from the best (and possibly get fantastic rewards) by becoming a Mount Hua Competition Spectator!


Once inside the Huashan Mountain scene, players can open the Competition Interface to teleport to matches in progress, and view the competitors' stats and abilities through the Witness Interface. Watch first-hand what skills it takes to get to the top!


Players can stop Spectating at any time to return to Huayin Village and select a new match to watch


After each round of competition, the System will randomly choose one school (based on the school of the competitors) and select 3 sets of skills as random awards to give to set number of viewers.

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