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Newb, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert - Wushu PvP -Great Read

bcbullybcbully Member RarePosts: 9,436

"An expert knows what all the sets in the game do, more or less. He knows quite a few inside and out. No expert knows everything, unless we're talking about experts at checkers or tic-tac-toe. In Age of Wushu, there's a huge amount of possibility space, and nobody knows all of it -- even just the PvP side of things is enormous. However, an expert understands most things at a core level. He might not know exactly what the Rosy Cloud Stab feint does, but he does know the set has a feint, he knows that it sucks, and he knows the important stuff (e.g., Rosy has two heals and two lunges, and one of the heals is a dance super). If it's something that a typical person would encounter in 100 battles, he knows how to beat it."

Massively's Full Article


Shit's real in Wushu.


  • jesadjesad Member UncommonPosts: 881
    "The levels above expert are more about reading minds than it is anything else." - My favorite line.  Good article.  He definitely gets it.

  • bcbullybcbully Member RarePosts: 9,436
    Originally posted by jesad
    "The levels above expert are more about reading minds than it is anything else." - My favorite line.  Good article.  He definitely gets it.

    Exactly, things get personal in Wushu for this reason. At hiigh levels when you lose, you lose because that person was better than you, mentally stronger than you.


    My guild leader and I will not duel each other anymore. For a day or two we where dueling at the guild base. In my eyes I was practicing, trying new things and such. In his eyes he was beating me. A few days later on TeamSpeak, he said "Hemlock you can't beat me. Your delusional." Whoa whoa whoa. I went nuts, because he was challenging more than my button pushing, or my "class". He was challenging my mental makeup. 


    I issued a challenge to him for 100 silver. The people on TS all came and watched. I beat him once, the people in TS said 2 out of 3, they were his backers. I beat him again. When he offered to pay, I told him keep his silver. I beat him 5 more times in a row that morning. Since then, we will not go there with each other. 


    There are people who are so good, and so mentally strong that the DO NOT LOSE. There's a Scholar that I've seen beating only once, and he brutally avenged that one lose with several beat downs. After losing to him 20 times or so, I've made the comparison in my head to Micheal Jordan. Yeah, sounds silly, but the dude is just that strong. 

  • cranthugcranthug Member UncommonPosts: 82

    Pvp was great fun in this game.  The flying skills are awesome.  Mobility in combat is high.  Love the fighting styles.  But they broke "Advance to land a blow" after one of the patches, which just happens to be the highest dmg ability in the Long-style boxing skill chain.  That occurance, plus the ridiculous latency issues when fighting viets and inexplicably even some other NA players was enough to end my Wushu fun.


    Checked forums occasionally to see if it was ever solved, but noone ever posts on their main forums.  I have been reduced to Planetside 2 for the time being to get my killing fix. 


    This was the first mmo in a while that gave me thrilling fights.  Sitting outside Chengdu with the flaming open challenge flag up with 20+ win streaks was great for e-peen strokage.  Sitting on the bridge south of Suzhou and wreaking havoc on all the escorts that happened by was pure joy, even for a Shaolin haha.  Lot's of repenting was done.  I would go back now even with a vital broken skill, if not for the latency.


    To be fair and honest though, Snail is pretty crappy with their customer service.  Allowing players to exploit the divination bug to steal unbound from other players and not compensating them for their lost currency was a bit rough.  Saying there will be no compensation would be fine I suppose, but they didn't even respond to my tickets, haha.  F you as well, Snail.


    It is my hope that this game and others like it do well, it was a nice change of pace.  Great pvp variety.  I doubt ill play another game run by Snail however...fix your damn servers and attend to your paying customers needs ffs.

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