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Ultros - Ceaseless Guild

PurplehazzPurplehazz Member Posts: 27

Ceaseless is a group of dedicated people who share a love for MMORPG's. Bound by the ideals shaped by the years spent together, we trudge undaunted through pixelated adversities to strive for only the best as our foundation. Intense in our mission and personality, caustic in our sensibilities, passionate in our drive and sometimes missing a few screws, the faint of heart need look elsewhere.

Ceaseless' core has been gaming together for over a decade with no end in sight, as time has only strengthened our camaraderie. So long as there are games to conquer, so shall Ceaseless be there to crush its enemies, see them driven before us and we WILL hear the lamentations of their women. 

Ceaseless is strictly 18+ and we average significantly higher than that. This is an adult guild and our forums, chat, and vent will often contain adult language and themes. We're a low drama guild; you should be willing to sacrifice for your guildmates, deal with the fact that everyone has a bad day on occasion, and not have a thin skin when it comes to people busting your chops. 

Members are required to listen on Ventrilo during all guild events, but more than that, Vent is an important part of our community and most of our members are on vent whenever they are playing. We would very much prefer members to whom that dynamic is appealing. 

We're going to learn the game, kill things, get loot and have a blast - all while knocking back some drinks and making fun of random people on vent. 

If it sounds like we're having more fun than you, you are in luck. We're still looking for a handful of candidates to join our ranks for this launch. We're still inviting after a brief interview - no lengthy forms or background checks (which is an obvious good thing).  Now, to the nuts and bolts (recap)

* Age 18+, no exceptions. Prefer 25+ 
* Ventrilo, listen required, talk preferred. 
* No whiners. 
* Looking for a good time 
* Enjoy busting chops & enjoying our virtual world chatter

For information about the Application Process please visit the forums at 



  • BarlowCeaselessBarlowCeaseless Member Posts: 6

    Good to see you on the MMO boards Purp, talking about FFXIV:ARR. Ultros server!

    We're quite excited about this entire new project and could really use a few more to boost our ranks.

    I've been leading Ceaseless since 2002, and it has been nothing but fun and excitement! The bumps along the road have been interesting, but the adventure as a whole has been absolutely amazing. Our resume is quite long, which you can see on our website, but each time we hit an MMO, we make an interesting stamp on it. (and it on us)

    I won't get long winded about my passion for gaming and leading Ceaseless, but I invite anyone interested in having a great time while gaming, to at least check out our website, and/or shoot me questions anytime -

    Lastly, I am excited to delegate some lovely roles to my amazing officers :)

    Ceaseless, meet Ultros... Ultros, meet Ceaseless :)

    Looking forward to this relationship!


  • WellzyCWellzyC Member UncommonPosts: 592


    Ceaseless?!   Hey!  That's my guild!


    Can't wait to get into this game and do some Raiding!  Going to be a lot of fun to party with everyone again! And hopefully we will meet some more awesome people!

    The way mmo's were: Community, Exploration, Character Development, Conquest.

    The way mmo's are now : Cut-Scenes,Cut-Scenes, solo Questing, Cut-Scenes...

  • PurplehazzPurplehazz Member Posts: 27

    I am certainly excited to meet new players.  In my experience with FFXI I found that the community is simply amazing.  The language system in this games allows all people that speak different languages to communicate rather seamlessly.  

    I remember on my Red Mage partying with all Japenese players and it was one of the best exp parties I have ever been a part of.


  • BarlowCeaselessBarlowCeaseless Member Posts: 6

    I am mostly excited for getting the group back together for one more HOORAH!


    Anticipation is killing us!



    Tic Toc!


  • HetaHeta Member Posts: 1

    Hey Purp,


    Good to see the active recruiting for Ceaseless.  We are going to hit this hard.  And it is going to be EPIC.  Keep it up and let me know if you need anything....




  • BarlowCeaselessBarlowCeaseless Member Posts: 6

    Now that the world can see Heta's signature.. they will understand that Ceaseless means business :)



    FFXIV, here we come... Who's coming with us?


  • PurplehazzPurplehazz Member Posts: 27
    Originally posted by BarlowCeaseless
    Now that the world can see Heta's signature.. they will understand that Ceaseless means business :)     FFXIV, here we come... Who's coming with us?

    <<<<<<<<<<<  This Guy is coming with!  I can barely contain my excitement!  Being that the FF series of game got me into PC mmo gaming this game has a sentimental value to me.  I am confident that this game will be a great game but will it live up to it's predecessor FFXI only time will tell.


  • BarlowCeaselessBarlowCeaseless Member Posts: 6

    This is the first time in many o' years, that I am crossing my fingers and toes Purp!



    Tic Toc -- The waiting game sucks!


  • PurplehazzPurplehazz Member Posts: 27
    Whats going on FFXIV Community?  Obvious answer is waiting to play the game for 7 more days.  This wait has been one of the most exhausting for me.  I am so excited for this game considering I played FFXI for 4 years and then have not played a FF game in about 6 years.  I love FFXI and just have hi expectations for FFXIV.  Come join the excitment here in Ceaseless.


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