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EQ1 guild. LFM. come back and play with us.

ProctorProctor Member Posts: 2
is an Everquest 1 guild on the Povar server is looking for more level 90 or higher players.

We're a casual atmosphere, no nazi leadership here that will dominate your time and turn your nights increasingly less enjoyable. We hang out in vent constantly and shoot the shit.

Typical Schedule:
2-3 on at all hours
Peaking to 10-20 in prime times
Grouping is spontaneous but something usually gets started by 4PM CST and doesn't end until 2-3 AM CST regularly.

We hit all 3 floors of HoF (T4 RoF - 'endgame' group content) thoroughly and can set up successful groups anywhere down there. A place in groups for new comers as soon and as frequently as you like. We casually plan more difficult RoF targets when numbers and interests are peaked. Plans to start farming trash and more in RoF raid instants for raid vendor currency.

Looking for players who:
- are not overly sensitive to some dirty jokes.
- do not expect to be in a full blown raid guild.
- are not greedy or demanding of assistance.
- like to chat in vent, or at least use vent to make grouping more efficient (not required)

Contact: ---> apply under recruitment and tell us what's up
Contact a recruitment officer in game: Hating, Nytro, Darkangelo, or Rumbkak
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