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Non-combat contribution awesomeness - Things that separate Wushu from the rest

bcbullybcbully Member RarePosts: 9,363

Yesterdays I begin placing buy orders for common ores. I'm sitting on a nice chunk of change and I plan on stacking it until the expansion. I figured I'd try my hand at buying and reselling.


This morning I look and a guildie had undercut me by a nice margin. While we were talking about it, I bough his igots. At first he was like "I just sold 300 of them!" I told him I bought them and relisted. 


He pm'd back " :0 that's my last silver! I'm using it to rebuilding our Wudang base!" He was just selling what he could while working on our bases main hall.


Long story short, bases have a number of building that do different things. They need to be built and if damaged in war be repaired. I've never seen this guy robbing carts, dueling, pk'n, just every once and awhile in guild chat. Turns out, this guy chops several types of wood (stuff I have know idea where to find), mines several types of ore and other things throughout his gaming day to build and keep our bases going. 


Show winning awesome sauce in my book. Just like the girl who only plays music and makes food for war. This guy is contributing way more than any one sword or blade could.



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