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Should I start now?

snoop101snoop101 Member UncommonPosts: 400

Hello everyone

Im thinking of getting into Runescape. I played DAOC when it came out and really enjoy mmo's with a learning curve. Played Eve Online for over a year and loved it. So now im searching for a new MMO to play. Though I am in my mid 30's with baby I can still dedicate 2-3 hours a day to a MMO. I been really looking at runescape becuase I enjoy crafting and it seems very in depth. I would like to hear from some of the Vets and new people on the pros and cons of the game. I would hate to sub this game and realize 2-3 months down the road I wasted a bunch of time. One of the biggest pros and cons question I have is the economy and crafting. Will I be able to craft and market my goods?



  • DarbiiRueDarbiiRue Member UncommonPosts: 838

    I wrote about it recently on, pretty much touched on the things you're interested in. Essentially it's the crafting, the ability to build a house and the vast amount of skills to work on that hooked me on this game. I'll admit for me, it's nothing more than a guilty pleasure and a means to keep occupied until Final Fantasy XIV comes out, but it's a good enough MMO that I can understand why people have been subbed to it for a decade.

    My recommendation to you is, pick it up and try the F2P for a few hours. That's about how long it took to really reel me in. There's so much to do and that's what really gets me.

    I'll admit the graphics are nothing amazing by a long shot and the controls annoy me to no end (I much prefer WSAD - you can only use those for camera controls, mouse to move). But if you can get past these two things, it's quite a gem, honestly.

    (Shameless link above to my article if you're interested).

    Good luck choosing & happy MMOing! :)

  • snoop101snoop101 Member UncommonPosts: 400

    Thank you for that. I will read your article tonight.


    I do have a question though since I started to play the F2P more today. How long is the tutorial? Not sure if its changed much since you played,but i just finished all quests leading up to summoning the wolf. Is the tutorial a good representation of the game or is it totally different?


    I also reading about clan citadels and curious if I should join a clan asap?

  • hockeyplayrhockeyplayr Member UncommonPosts: 604

    if you always want something to do i say go for it.  i played from 2003-2008 (coming back for a week or two here or there to see changes) and i only maxed out about 3 skills.  That is with almost a year's worth of hours just on one character


    Edit: and no I am not proud of the amount of time I spent playing

  • DarbiiRueDarbiiRue Member UncommonPosts: 838

    I've been playing about 4-5 days at this point and have yet to join a clan. Been so focused on so much of the other stuff that joining a clan really hasn't occurred to me at this point. I probably should look into that come to think of it!

    As far as the tutorial goes. It was a nice intro to the game to get a feel for how the crafting and quests work, but once it ends it pretty much leaves you hanging there and after that you really have to make your way yourself. Talk to NPC's, see if they offer you quests. Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, I find it to be a very sandbox-y game. You'll spend most of your time making your own way through it, deciding what you want to focus on and such.

    There are quests, but unlike games like World of Warcraft, EverQuest, etc. they don't last forever. I don't know where the game will go after those are all completed, honestly. But I think there is enough content to keep someone occupied for a long, long period of time.

    And the crafting really is... just terrific. I love it. I love having to collect/craft components to craft other things. It's a breath of fresh air. As someone who loves crafting, I often find that and housing to be the least interesting things in newer MMO's these days.

  • snoop101snoop101 Member UncommonPosts: 400

    Best responses I have ever got on mmorpg. (and most mature)

    this game seems like a good home for me for now. Seems like I can do things at my own pace. I played Eve Online for over a year and know what being left to figure out things truly means. It did not take me to long in Eve and I was living in a worm whole killing sleepers. This game seems somewhat what i'm truly looking for, Eve online in a fantasy setting. 


  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,732
    Honestly I went in thinking I was going to hate the game. Oh boy was I wrong, I ended up putting over 40 hours in over the next couple of days. It is a very simplistic game when you first get started, you do some quests, start to level up skills. But then you decide what you actually want to focus on in the game, and at that point it becomes sort of a treadmill to level that specific skill up. The reason this is perfectly okay in runescape is simply because there are so many different types of skills that even if you get tired of leveling up combat, you can go level up something completely different, like agility which requires you to do obstacle courses. Quests in themselves are a main reason I had so much fun. They require actual thought. It isn't just go kill 10 of these, there are mazes and puzzles and long long long quests. The game is great, but it can really suck you in.
  • beej1986beej1986 Member UncommonPosts: 79
    Hey guys! Long time vet of runescape, glad to see new people interested in the game. If you guys need help or just want to talk in game shoot me a pm in RS. 


  • djnexusdjnexus Member Posts: 677

    I just wanted to chime in on this post. I havent posted on this site in a while, but I did start playing Runescape a month ago. Im in my 30s as well and as a new player id like to give my thoughts on the game. Having played about every MMO under the sun I first started with EQ 1 in 2000. I find Runescape to be very immersive for a browser game. The quests are more interactive than almost all other mmos with the normal fetch and kill quests. You have puzzles to solve etc. the only time you kill a certain amount of creatures/monsters is if your doing slayer assignment which raises your slayer skill or just out killing for the regular PvM. I love sandbox games and the fact that Runescape reminds me alot of Ultima Online which I tried in the early 2000's. Your pretty much put into a world to do what you want and not led by the hand like in other games from quest to quest.

    The housing in the game seems decent although ive just started, and there are numerous other things to do like fishing tournaments, running dungeons, minigames etc. Theres a a ton there to keep you busy for a long time to come. And id say its definately worth the $7.95 a month sub as im on my 2nd month now. One last thing I enjoy in the game is that when you die you actually can lose your stuff which makes it more of a risk and fear of losing things than in other games. And the pvp is full loot which is awesome which gives pvp a real sense of meaning that you risk it all. For anyone that likes sandbox games give it a shot. People always dog this game as a kids game but ive tried it and enjoy it even as an adult. And ive found many other adults in the game as well one person even in his 50's. So give it a shot.

  • SenanSenan Member UncommonPosts: 788

    So are all of you playing the "new" version of the game or that 2007 server the opened not long ago? I've been thinking of giving the game a shot, but I know that both versions of the game are considerably different in how they play, so I wasn't sure of which to try.

    Anyway, just curious.

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