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Whats changed since launch/early 2012?

Curious as to what they have added thats new or things that have changed since launch. I havent played since about march 2012.


  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134

    many changes yes, but im a hater , so i cant tell you about them

    but ill try and hijack one of the pros from the other threads


  • BlazeyerBlazeyer Member UncommonPosts: 562

    I haven't played since it first went f2p, but when I did the game was fun... but I mean since then I know they've added an "expansion" and level cap increase.


    I really wish they were more lax on the f2p restrictions. I played/subbed/spent money in cash shop when it first went f2p. Having said that, after unsubbing after the initial month I have had the urge to come back periodically, but the limit on action bars, flight missions, pvp... so on and so forth... just takes the entire M-M out of the MMO for me.

  • JRVthatsMEJRVthatsME Member Posts: 17

    Might be easiest to have a look through SWTOR's youtube channel to find out.

    There's been some nightmare mode operations, rise of the hutt cartel expansion with level cap now 55, with free to play came the cartel market which is a real money cash shop kinda thing and maybe some things with the legacy system since you played. Comming in august is a new monthly bounty hunting event that will last a week each month and some czerka corporation missions and conttent and something for pvp players is coming in october. There might be more but I can't think of it off hand.

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