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New Patch Change

DelusiveDelusive Member Posts: 151

Now you cannot play on servers below your rating. So golds can't play on silver servers (unless they are silver on a silver server and become gold, it doesn't force them to leave). Most people seem pleased with this change. Of course, like with every patch they release for APB, lag spikes about every half hour.

I was playing with my cousin Saturday and we were both gold on gold server. I dropped to silver but kept playing with him on gold server. Before we braked for lunch, he also dropped to silver (we had a rough morning lol). After lunch we joined a silver server. After about three consecutive wins he went back up to gold, but it didn't kick him. Then about an hour later I also hit gold again. We then jumped to a gold server.

The games were a lot closer matched all around, but it is harder on the gold. We ran against some full teams that were obviously playing together and well organized. On these games we weren't steamrolled, but we would lose. Plus, the cheaters are mostly confined on gold servers now. If they roll new characters they aren't, but they hit gold quick and the next time they log they are stuck there lol.

Now if they will fix that lag...and nerf the range on shotguns.

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