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Attis Station

MargraveMargrave Member RarePosts: 1,332

I HATE the class quest 'Attis Station' with a passion. It's horrible game design. Made me thrilled that I was playing as a free to play account now. I was there at launch, and was sub'd for quite a while. I returned to see what was new and was having a great time, and then I hit this quest. Made me drop any consideration of re-sub'ing. That idea died just as I did so many times on this mission.


I'm posting this here as I feel a need to vent, and as a free account now I'm not allowed to post on their forums. I think that the swtor f2p model is horrid. Especially when compared to others like rift.


I tried all the suggestions on their forum, which I can read, and none of it helped. Anyone else have any ideas for the mission 'Attis Station'? It's a level 37 mission, and I'm a level 38 sage. I know all about the buff stations, which are very little aid, and they don't help. I've tried all my companions with no change also.


In the end, it just made me log out rather upset, after wasting far too much time on it, and I moved to a different game.


Viva la competition.


  • DakeruDakeru Member EpicPosts: 3,802
    I don't remember this fight but since Sage is my first char I think I may have been a few levels too high from doing all the sidequests. Gaining a level or two won't hurt. You can also move on to the next planet and do the quests there and then return to the instance.
    Harbinger of Fools
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