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Q&A Paul Sage - Elder Scrolls Online



  • RoghlinnRoghlinn Member UncommonPosts: 1

    Hi Paul, 

    My question is will there be an open beta anytime soon? 

    Thank you again and keep up the good work with the game! :D 

    Nord at heart, Don't forget the sweet rolls!

  • zeusypoofszeusypoofs Member Posts: 24

    Hello Pual!


    my question:


    can people fight each other in a 2 vs 2 player battle?

    thank you

  • NecrofadeNecrofade Member Posts: 2

    This game has set out to be a "Play what you want" style it seems.

    Does this mean every class will have healing spells, ranged spells, the ability to tank, and melee spells?

    If not does that mean there is no use to be a nightblade wearing light armor while healing? I'm assuming there are limits I just want to know where they are placed currently.


  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO)Member Posts: 35
    Originally posted by TheMostManlyMan
    Thank you so much for doing a Q&A.  More to the point, I was looking up the combat system (looking for how Stamina will effect that etc.) and I saw something about a "soft lock", could you clarify just what that means?  Thanks. ~ClenchMasterFlex

    Heh. I'll try. The most important thing to remember about our combat is you must be facing your target to hit it. Your reticle must almost be on your target... there is some forgiveness. However, we did notice situations where you want to stay on a target and it goes behind another valid target. So we implemented a feature where you could essentially say, there are roughly two things I am aiming at, but I mean to hit *that one*.

  • SlyLoKSlyLoK Member RarePosts: 2,259

    Hey Paul! Thanks for taking time to answer questions.

    How is the world of ESO setup? Is the game cut up into ' open zones ' like GW2 and if so how large is a typical zone? 


  • Mortuus1Mortuus1 Member Posts: 1

    Not a great question, but I felt like asking it anyway, so:

    Will this game have "surprise pulls" i.e. draugr or similar enemies who appear to be dead  coming to life to attack the group, spiders from cave ceilings, and other similar things?

  • AristanteAristante Member Posts: 3
    Will players who choose to be werewolves be limited to one skin like in Skyrim? For example, can I be a white werewolf?

    ESO: Aldmeri Dominion

  • NavhkrinNavhkrin Member UncommonPosts: 12
    Greetings Paul Sage

    All beta testers are rewarded or its only closed beta testers?
  • MicanisMicanis Member Posts: 1
    When creating a character will you be able to choose the weapon and armor type you start with so you can immediately start playing the playstyle you want?
  • BravotitanBravotitan Member Posts: 1
    Hey Paul,
    My question has to do with archery. Like in normal elderscrolls archers don't have many
    extra moves than shooting a single arrow. What can we see in elderscrolls online with archery and what type of new moves will it have. Like arrows that's are on fire or posioned with out a potion? Because I'm will will play full archery, And this weighs on me will be be limited.

    thanks for your time paul.
  • NordJitsuNordJitsu Member Posts: 4

    Will my choice of class and race affect how NPCs react to me? I assume yes, at least for race. 


    What I'm really interested in is the class choice. Are the classes in any way tied into the story/lore of the games?

  • rana1014rana1014 Member Posts: 3

    Will enemies ambush us? Let's say I'm with a group of two other people or so and we're just exploring the wild; could a group of say: four hired assassins come after us with a bounty on our heads and that could start a quest?

    Thank's for taking the time!

  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO)Member Posts: 35
    Originally posted by Wizardhood
    QUESTION: Crafting in other ES games have been a sort of grind, gathering enormous amounts of materials of sitting in said crafting spot grinding out the daggers, potions, or gloves to quickly speed things along due to crafting max level gear is a huge advantage in the single player games. I know you say items will be equal when it comes to effectiveness if the item was looted from a dungeon or crafted by a player of equal level from the dungeon. Will the grind be as taxing to become an effective crafter? War of  The Acolytes

    I don't know that i agree with your assessment about it being a grind, because I enjoyed the hell out of Skyrim crafting. That said, we are doing things to not make it a grind, by which I mean not repetitive activity with little degrees of success, but understand some people define "grind" very differently. A lot of people like low-key activities they can do while they socialize in the game. We want to make sure to have those in the game as well.

  • BujeBuje Member Posts: 3

    Yes please! Question here from an Elders Scrolls fan:


    "MMORPG's are meant to be "massive" in design, an explorable world, free from "rails". How do you see the Elders Scrolls Online in regards to how massive it is? Is it explorable or predictable?"


    Thanks MMORPG.COM & Paul!,


  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO)Member Posts: 35
    Originally posted by jdlamson75
    Hello, Mr. Sage, and thanks for coming 'round to take our questions.  [mod edit]   Now - to my "issue".  I've seen a lot of people say that they want a game that plays like the single player Elder Scrolls games, with a lot of solo content.  I've seen just as many people say the opposite - that they want a more group-oriented type of game.  I'm happy with both, but I do tend to run solo, and I don't raid (Daddy responsibilities and all). So - is there a happy medium between the two schools of thought?  Am I going to have to raid once I hit max level to really get the most out of the game?  Or is PvP (of which I'm a big fan) a major part of the end-game (I hate that term)?    Thanks again.

    I really think there is a happy medium. See my answer for veteran content as an example. (Also, make sure your Daddy responsibilities include ESO together with the family.)

  • FlintorfFlintorf Member Posts: 1
    What age limit are you going to use during GamesCom? As I'm sure you're aware of, GamesCom requires everyone to wear "bracelets", to show in what age group they are. Certain age groups can play certain games, so what's the limit for ESO?
  • AristanteAristante Member Posts: 3
    I noticed in an ESO gameplay trailer that the Frost Atronachs were very large. Will players who focus on conjuration have access to this giant creatures?

    ESO: Aldmeri Dominion

  • PendroPendro Member Posts: 1

    Hello Paul

    My Question for you is this.

    In Valenwood there is a gigantic, migratory tree the Falinesti, and in one of your inviews or someone elses, it was said that the tree just stopped for unknown reasons isnt that a massive Lore breaker right there. I know you have your reasons but it sounds kind of lame that your not trying to put this into the game this would open up a total new side of gaming.


    Ty for answering my question if you do

  • Mehdi23kobeMehdi23kobe Member Posts: 1
    Is there going to be any tutorials when you first create your character like your place in the world and the back story about your character?

    will there be dungeon findes in the elder scrolls online?
  • lazerofwhy78lazerofwhy78 Member Posts: 1

    When will a more substantial wave of beta invites be sent out instead of the token 10 to 50?


    Thanks and good luck on the success of ESO!

  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO)Member Posts: 35
    Originally posted by Askan_Randolf
    Hi Paul. Once I only want to say that you're doing a very good job. My question is... "what is the best class for a tank?" Thank you!

    Thanks. Best class for a tank... I don't know. Right now, Dragonknight. That's going to change with some tweaks. But remember, Heavy Armor and other skill lines like Sword and Shield will help you be a VERY effective tank. Also, how you spend your stat points. So, I don't think that class is going to be the deciding factor on the best tank.

  • Yayap7Yayap7 Member Posts: 3

    On the heed of my other question about an App or whatnot..

    If Zenimax doesn't create a device App for ESO, will there be good account and character implementation on the ESO website?

    I like Blizzard's implementation with WoW, but Arena Net barely has any unfortunately.  I do hope there will be deeper account and character integration other than just having to be in-game.



    Play nice y have fun.

  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO)Member Posts: 35
    Originally posted by muskeydogbo
    HI Paul ty for your time. Seen so many interviews but still not clear ,how long /how many people are yor biggest raids Regards M

    The reason why is we are still testing for the best numbers. When we believe we have it set it stone, we'll let you know.

  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO)Member Posts: 35
    Originally posted by layto
    Hi Paul, Thanks for  take the time to do this.   My question is: Is there a prison/bounty system in ESO, and how will it work?

    Right now, there is not.

  • NavhkrinNavhkrin Member UncommonPosts: 12
    Hey paul.
    You have achiever great success with UO
    Will there be any similiar features on elder scrolls online?
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