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Q&A Paul Sage - Elder Scrolls Online



  • WizardhoodWizardhood Member Posts: 13


    Crafting in other ES games have been a sort of grind, gathering enormous amounts of materials of sitting in said crafting spot grinding out the daggers, potions, or gloves to quickly speed things along due to crafting max level gear is a huge advantage in the single player games. I know you say items will be equal when it comes to effectiveness if the item was looted from a dungeon or crafted by a player of equal level from the dungeon. Will the grind be as taxing to become an effective crafter?

    War of  The Acolytes

  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,002

    Hello, Mr. Sage, and thanks for coming 'round to take our questions.  [mod edit]


    Now - to my "issue".  I've seen a lot of people say that they want a game that plays like the single player Elder Scrolls games, with a lot of solo content.  I've seen just as many people say the opposite - that they want a more group-oriented type of game.  I'm happy with both, but I do tend to run solo, and I don't raid (Daddy responsibilities and all). So - is there a happy medium between the two schools of thought?  Am I going to have to raid once I hit max level to really get the most out of the game?  Or is PvP (of which I'm a big fan) a major part of the end-game (I hate that term)? 


    Thanks again.

  • Askan_RandolfAskan_Randolf Member Posts: 3

    Hi Paul.

    Once I only want to say that you're doing a very good job.

    My question is... "what is the best class for a tank?"

    Thank you!

  • muskeydogbomuskeydogbo Member UncommonPosts: 14

    HI Paul ty for your time.

    Seen so many interviews but still not clear ,how long /how many people are yor biggest raids

    Regards M

  • laytolayto Member Posts: 2

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for  take the time to do this.


    My question is: Is there a prison/bounty system in ESO, and how will it work?

  • ESO-PS4ESO-PS4 Member Posts: 3

    - Archery - 


    Are you doing anything new to Archery in terms of abilities/attacks to improve archery from past TES games primarily Skyrim.



    I just finally wanna get the ability to fire multipe arrows(Ala Legolas from LOTR) and element echanted arrows(Fire,Ice,Lightning).


    Thank you

  • zeusypoofszeusypoofs Member Posts: 24

    I am wondering about PvP is there any smaller battles, like 2v2 or 3v3

    what about the people like me who want smaller PvP fights. will there be smaller PvP fights?

    thank you!

  • superconductingsuperconducting Member UncommonPosts: 871

    Can give us any more details at all about Adventure Zones?


    Thanks again Paul!

  • thesigalthesigal Member Posts: 2

    Hi Mr. Sage,

    First let me say how I excited I am for this game. I am sure there is no one out there that has played an elder scrolls game and has not thought, "hmmm... I wish I could play this with my buddy!"


    I am an mmo guy and played WoW since 2006. Recently I have been disappointed with it and have only been paying to be with friends.


    The reason why I lost interest with WoW is due to how they made the game "easy" to play. Now you can level fast, kill big monsters easy, and groups do not need coordination to accomplish big achievements.


    My question to you is two fold;

    1) I enjoy leveling and I like to be challenged while doing so. Do you guys intend to make it fairly easy to get max level or does the player have to worry about walking into the next zone and getting one hit? Feeding off this, how long would leveling to max level take?


    2) I am a big raid fan (in the terms of WoW) and enjoy having to work through mechanics to kill a boss. I like sitting down for hours to prepare for fights and learn from wipes. You have said previously that we will be dealing with mechanics unlike we are used to. Could you elaborate on dungeon/pvp mechanics that will keep the player actively online for hours.


    Thanks Paul Sage and I hope that all of us can help ZOS through beta so that you guys create a breakthrough MMORPG



  • telvanniwizardlordtelvanniwizardlord Member Posts: 2



    1. Will you be able to join any of the Great Houses Morrowind.


    2. Will dragon priest be IN ESO, if so will they be the ones from Skyrim or ones we have never seen.



  • Askan_RandolfAskan_Randolf Member Posts: 3

    second question :D

    Will you be at the "Gamescom" in Cologne Germany?

    Tank you! :)

  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 10,551
    Originally posted by ZOS_Sage
    Originally posted by Iselin
    Hi Paul,   Thanks for taking the time to come here and answer questions.   There seems to have been a lot of talk lately about whether ESO is a real MMO prompted by some statements you guys made last month about it being playable as a single player experience. I've been following the development of the game closely for several months and I don't see any changes in the design of the game.   Can you explain why the shift in emphasis on how you describe the game?

    I think this has to do with how we approach development. We were worried that the term MMO had become synonymous with a certain type of game with an almost exact set of rules. That was definitely a perception we felt, even internally. But we really wanted to be true to our IP first, and still have this amazing social game with thousands of players online. When I started on UO, MMO was a new term and there weren't limits on it. We don't dislike the term or the association, we love it. We just want to make sure people aren't expecting it to be a clone of certain games.

    Thank you. That was how I interpreted it too.

    “That's how the madness of the world tries to colonize you: from the outside in, forcing you to live in its reality.” 
    ― Jeff VanderMeerAnnihilation
  • ESOFanESOFan Member Posts: 2

    Wow! a lot of unanswered questions already.

    A simple one. There are two equipment slots. Is it possible to have the same weapon type in each? Two destruction staffs, for example? Or, even better, can you just use the same exact weapon for both loadouts?

    Limiting, perhaps, but 12 skills would make you one awesome DPSer...

  • Yayap7Yayap7 Member Posts: 3

    Paul, thanks for doing this.


    As with FadeToBlack, I am quite interested in player trading.  I can assume there is going to be a global market, but what about person-to-person trading?  I really don't want to do the mail route. I really like how Runescape deals with player trading with there being a nice layout of what each person is trading to each other and they rcieve the item directly. 

    How does player-to-player trades work in ESO?

    Play nice y have fun.

  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO)Member Posts: 35
    Originally posted by Wrehn
    How does the mega server actually work as far as intelligently assigning channels? Do we fill out a preference form, or link our facebook account? Tell us more about the end game, cyrodil, and instanced public dungeons. I just wanted to know what's in store.

    Right now, it uses data we already know about you. Your in-game friends, your guild associations, etc. We take that and try to put you in a channel of people you most likely want to be with. We talked about doing a form at one time, and we still might, but that isn't in right now.


    That's a load of questions. Let's take end-game:


    Solo end-game = what we have internally been calling 50+. Imagine you can go into any alliance after you complete the zones in your original alliance, but there are no longer levels. Now you can go anywhere you want in that alliance. If you finish that, you go onto the third alliance.

    Small group end-game: Master dungeons. You'll go through dungeons which are more difficult to do progressively. Also we have Adventure Zones where there are large swaths of area just for the smaller group. (4 player)

    Large group: Adventure Zone instances. While we aren't calling them "raids" internally, that's what you might be safest in imagining.


    Caters to groups of all sizes. But this is Cyrodiil, a huge land mass where you can just adventure solo doing quests, or looking for resources. Maybe you want a strike group to take out farms or mines. Also you have large objectives like keep sieges. The beauty of Cyrodiil is the size allows for lots of different sizes of group activity down to solo. However, we do pinpoint the hotspot on your map for you, which means if a sizeable fight is going on, you will see it dynamically appear on your map.

  • CyberbeardCyberbeard Member Posts: 1

    What ho, Mr. Sage,


    I've been a big fan of the Elder Scrolls series since Oblivion. One of my favourite activities in Tamriel is simply going on a hike through nature, without any specific task in mind. Admiring the forests, the night skies, or the lakes and rivers.

    I have great hopes for ESO, but I am wondering if there's anything specific you guys are doing to provide this traditional Elder Scrolls experience in your MMORPG? Admiring nature and being immersed by excellent environmental design, and so on.

    Also, shout-out to the amazing crew over at Elder Scrolls Off The Record!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

  • DestaiDestai Member Posts: 574


    Thanks for taking the time to come here. 

    Here's my question/topic I'd like you to address, if possible.

    To put it plainly, I'm extremely turned off by the faction lock and the lack of immersion that comes from the phasing being applied. As a long time Elder Scrolls fan, there is a great joy in experiencing open borders. As the game is designed, that's not the case. Furthermore, the fact that I must complete the preceding faction's zone before heading on also limits immersion. Forming guilds and groups becomes infinitely more difficult, especially for roleplayers like myself who typically one race or another. 

    Please justify this. 

  • velmaxvelmax Member UncommonPosts: 217
    Will their be more ways to play pvp besides Cyrodiil.
  • LlogweyLlogwey Member Posts: 2

    Second question if I may :

    I know it's been announced several times the game would not launch with it, but could you still confirm that "post-launch" a housing system is in preparation as it is quite expectated by a lot of people, as many MMO offer this and well, TES games also offer housing...

    Thanks again



  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO)Member Posts: 35
    Originally posted by GreatArchitect
    Question: Can PLAYER created guilds have members from all alliances in it?

    Thank You,
    Great Architect Admin


  • rana1014rana1014 Member Posts: 3

                Hi Paul, I would just like to start off by thanking you for taking the time out of your day to answer questions. My question for you is: How does the player saving a town feature work? You guys mentioned you could save the town from a pack of wolves or something and then you’re considered their hero, so can a town only have one hero? How exactly does it work?


  • krystak14krystak14 Member Posts: 1

    Hi Paul, thanks a lot for being here.

    I want to know if ESO's guild system is advanced and beneficial. What features do the guilds have and how is ESO's guild system different from other MMO's in terms of features or guild abilities etc.


  • JtechJtech Member Posts: 3


    My question is pretty vague but I would like to know everything you can tell us about player ran guilds in ESO.  Like guild bank, how many rank slots can we have, aside from ranks can we have titles for guild members such as Rank: Captain and the captains title would be Raid Leader.  Is there a member cap? and anything else you can tell us about Player Ran Guilds?


  • asj18asj18 Member UncommonPosts: 86

    Hi Paul, I am a big fan of the elder scrolls franchise.


    I am a big fan of filling at home in the elder scrolls universe I am curious, Now i know there will be no player housing at launch but will there be in the future any type of player housing?

    Games I will be playing are: TES V, SWTOR, ME 3, TSW

  • ZOS_SageZOS_Sage Creative Director (ESO)Member Posts: 35
    Originally posted by Actosh
    Do you have a System ingame that will allow me to play with friends/guild mates even if there lvl is below mine ( I mean in PvE ). For Example like the Mentoring System in Rift where you can adjust your own lvl to play low lvl dungeons/quests with your friend without becoming to powerfull for that content or does the area where your in auto-adjust your lvl like in gw2? Sorry for any spelling mistake. Greetz from Germany :)

    We do not have anything like that currently in game. We've looked into this, and we have some ideas, but I don't believe it will be in for ship.

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