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Suggestion For Star Wars Game/Movie

I posted this in an older thread and was told to make a new thread, i dont want to exit this message just to grab the link to the old thread so here you go:

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I am pretty sure this is the correct place to post this for star wars fans, well here I go again, same message different forum!

I recently found out that Disney and EA will be working on the new star wars projects as Lucas Arts has stepped back.

With that said, and I dont know if this would be even considered with SW TOR but maybe for the next game. I created something known as a rain saber, short for rainbow lightsaber. I just want to get as much exposure to this idea as possible because if the right people might see it they might actually design it in game.

Here are some shots I edited and made for trying to support this theory, essentially it would be nice to be in a star wars game where you can obtain all abilities from every jedi ranking class, sentinel, padawan, guardian, etc.

Well with a multi colored lightsaber, it could represent many abilities you possess and/or ranking. It was just a cool idea I have been wanting to see in star wars games for a while. If the images are too hard to see checkout my Deviant Art Page, a lot of the images are for sell due to taking many hours of dedicated hard work, thanks for your time!



  • JRVthatsMEJRVthatsME Member Posts: 17
    Well there are many different colours that lightsaber crystals come in already but I see no reason that such a multi-coloured version could not be justified. Personally I would refer to the colour a lisghtsaber made with such a crystal a prismatic rather then rainbow since it relates better to the notion of a prism splitting up light into many colours. Might be cool if the various colours on the blade moved around as if the colours were in a state of flux.
  • ebs512ebs512 Member Posts: 5
    what would be really neat is if you could add multiple crystals to the saber at a workbench to get the desired effect you would want, maybe like a max of 7-8 crystals with different essences?
  • JRVthatsMEJRVthatsME Member Posts: 17

    adding 7-8 crystals to a lightsaber would really be going way overboard and I could only imagine that such a thing would only mess up the possibility of creating a stable energy blade with the  weapon. One crystal has always been the deciding factor in what colour a lightsaber's blade is and considering where that crystal is located within the lightsaber placing more in there would refract the energy all sorts of directions and would likely make the lightsaber just explode. Granted a limited number of extra crystals (and it seems that no more then 3 in this case) can be added around the emitter stage of the lightsaber that can modify the properties of the blade, but not the colour. As is it seems the kind of lightsaber you are suggesting would only really suit one particular jedi and he is one which I refuse to accept at all in any way and find to be a mockery of star wars.

  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134

    please dont,,they would ruin the immersion for everyone when you turn it on

    a lightsabres power derives from the fact, that all the energy has the same wavelength, or color

    just like a laser

    splitting the energy will decrease the energy accordingly,,2 colours= ½ of the energy in that spectrum

  • ebs512ebs512 Member Posts: 5
    okay okay i understand your views, but what if they made smaller crystals for the saber about the size of an led and had different slots for each crystal, having 1/2 the size energy for every color could be made up for by the different essences possessed inside the crystal itself, giving each crystal a particular attribute you could gain according to how much of the saber you use on such enemies/bosses
  • simpliussimplius Member UncommonPosts: 1,134

    that idea sounds better IMO

    an adaptive lightsabre,,how cool is that?

    but implementing it into an mmo?? i think even blizzard would have trouble with it

    and even if bioware could do it,,would it be worth the effort?

    i think they have bigger fish to fry,,but a great idea for smaller games

    i think it would have fitted well into the KOTOR series,,not sure though, i havent played it

  • ebs512ebs512 Member Posts: 5
    Well this is a suggestion for the next star wars game to be released, as I said in the original post, Lucas Arts has stepped back and now Disney and EA have teamed up to work on the next project, I think even for the Episode VII movie also
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