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Things SWG pre-cu did right that none have since.

DistopiaDistopia Member EpicPosts: 21,182

F*-F* Keys with mouse movement.

Reason:  Easily allows for chat during intense combat. No need to toggle chat when a fight starts abruptly. Ever had that awkward moment mid chat where you spawn agro or get ganked and you say to all "123267565^&5\\\\\\\\"? None of that here.


Remember when I say this... EVE came first...

Completely player dependent social/profession system. Some look at this as forced socialization, I view it as a real reason to socialize, it makes that aspect of a game a living thing. It brings focus to the true meaning of an MMO (IMO). Without it I do not think a game can have much longevity in this day and age. Gear based rewards, finite content, static dungeon runs, etc.. not to mention PVP that has no true impact on the overall game (it's a side activity at best in most cases).

This stuff  has run it's course for too many people (at least seemingly). Which doesn't surprise as that is essentially a single player like development focus. People come back for the "DLC", and leave when they've had their fill.

...ANd of course there's that whole F2P thing....


Multiple play styles catered to.


Decay...Slicing..Limited loot system (in terms of weapons, etc)...Crafting...

Reason:  All of this went hand in hand with the points made above about Combat and Profession implementation. The entire game was built around the idea of socialization, working together and building your own world together as well as against each other if you chose.


PVP..Faction system..Guild System..Base system...BH/Jedi system

The faction system went hand in hand with the PVE system as well as PVP system. If you chose to serve the warring parties, you were open to attack upon any aggressive action toward either NPC's or PC's of the attacked faction. Which again fueled more player incentive to go their course, be it PVP or not. Which brings attention to the third faction option.

Neutral you served no one but yourself and could opt in to PVP for either side you wanted, yet could retain a neutral standing , no long term commitment.

Guild warring was another aspect of PVP.. which essentially allowed FFA PVP. On bloodfin we had quite a few wars involving mixed factions. By simply making guilds to do so for fun.

BH and jedi system, whats better than that really, in terms of a well thought out class on class PVP system. :) Not much IMO.

Base busting was another fun aspect of the game. Many nights spent in enemy guilds cities do such


This post is getting a little long now, so I'll sum the rest up with one final thought, the game offered something for a lot of different types of players. As well as many different moods. I can't think of a game that allowed me to "fill the mood" as much as this one.


For every minute you are angry , you lose 60 seconds of happiness."-Emerson

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