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Looking for something that encourages grouping, is this it ?

As title says, how's the whole community aspect here.

Do higher level dungeons require parties, are there alot of active guilds etc ?


  • renzen2000renzen2000 Member Posts: 2

    in-game community is pretty good if you join a good guild. Lots of players like to chat in text or voice. Online forums.... are broken and offline right now, lol.

    As far as difficulty, yes grouping is encouraged. There are lots of quest and high level dungeons that are so difficult (mobs hit hard, have high def) that they can only be finished in a group. Dungeons on highest difficulty in the last half of the game, if you try to solo, mobs are so crazy you'll lose lots of lives if not in a group.

    A very high level character can of course go back and solo earlier group content. Latest 'extreme' dungeon, hardest in game, can only be done in a group bc you have to synchronize killing of bosses within minutes of each other, otherwise they full heal themselves.

    Survival modes demand full parties or death comes quick. So yeah, the deeper you get into the game, the more you need to party to stay alive. They strike a good balance between solo content and group content.

  • IcewhiteIcewhite Member Posts: 6,403
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  • SWRC9SWRC9 Member Posts: 16
    Game definately requires partying now at expert/master level dungeons.  (With the new Rakhdan Update) Game ain't no joke now, abuse your iframes (skills) or you will weep res scrolls. :)  Quite fun imo.

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