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Which MMORPG is the best for RP?



  • aspekxaspekx Member UncommonPosts: 2,167
    Originally posted by dreamscaper
    As others have already mentioned, The Secret World sounds like it fits your criteria the best. However, if you don't mind jumping into something more sandboxy, Ryzom was very RP-oriented the last time I played it.

    it really was, wasn't it? i think the entire game population used to roleplay to one extent or another.

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  • JamesykaiJamesykai Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Neverwinters night! Yeah you have to pay like 10 dollar to have the game but it still has a strong rp community. It's very different from todays MMO's and I deffo reccomend atleast researching it. 

    Rp servers





    Best thing about it is everyone is in character constantly, been playing neverwinters nights on and off for like eight years and I plan to continue till i'm old :D

  • GillleanGilllean Member Posts: 169
  • R2DaniR2Dani Member Posts: 3
    LotRO served me just fine for a while -- I was in a Kinship that had a pretty diverse playerbase, but we all had enough interest in the series to delve into lore now and then, take advantage of the cool last name system (so you could be someone's ancestor as an elf, for example, and have the family tree to prove it). I miss those guys!
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