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Interview with Bill Fisher going LIVE at 5:30

GameByNightGameByNight Hardware and Technology EditorMMORPG.COM Staff UncommonPosts: 480

We will be streaming our interview with Bill Fisher of Trion Worlds, Creative Director on RIFT, beginning at 5:30 EDT. It was pre-recorded just a couple of hours ago.  It was a reader question and answer show. There is a pretty stunning reveal on a planned dimension addition in there. You don't want to miss it.

Click the live stream tab up top or tune in at



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  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,086

    So what was it about? I tuned about half way in(and caught stuff that didn't interest me-PvP YUCK!)...

    Any, hmmm what's it called?, log/text version of interview? Ah yes! A transcript!

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