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At long last...

ClerigoClerigo Member UncommonPosts: 400

...after countless years searching for an opportunity, searching for than one nanosecond where dreams become reality, that tiny space reserved only for those of legend and gods, i am finally able to be the 1st person posting the very 1st thread in a given game fórum.... im so happy.

I want to take this chance to thank my father and mother, my brothers, my girlfriend, my dog boris...u an old four legged flea bag but i luv you.

I want to thank our Lord all mighty for making a beautiful world, its not your fault oh Lord that we humans destroy everything we touch, and i am gratefull for everything good that falls upon us, and i would like to thank you for Jessica Alba in "Into the Blue", but i wouldnt mind that You would be more like Odin and blast some lightning up some peoples "wehre the sun does not shine" spot...there are truly some bad people in this world.

Speaking of Odin, i would like to thank The Avengers for making a fine movie, Toby for making me believe Spidey can look manly standing beside Mary Jane, Batman is da man (i miss Heath Ledger), and well Hulk may smash, but the Man of Steel is my hero...and my girl says he has some huge muscles so im starting to work out...dont want to fall behind.

I want to give a shout out to my people who i have been missing so badly:

AION: Haka, Bladerz, Josst, Gladium...why da frak you guys still play that game??? The wings have timer and you cant fly in certain areas!!!! Helllooooooo!!!

WoW: Simuil, Rocha, Mario...that game closed in 2008. It does not exist anymore. Its just a bad dream. Open you eyes!! Awaken!!

RIFT: Semperinvicta...im on my way to you buddy.

GW2: to all my buddies at Underworld server, to all at Portvscale and GuM server....luv you guys.


Last but not least, i want to thank the mmorpg.com comunnity and staff for allowing me to fulfill my dream, i am now a more complete person, i have finally met my destiny and look inside the lion eye and i can now say: .....errmm...



....so what is this game all about? Any clues? image


  • GrammieGrammie Member Posts: 68
    Not helpful, except to your family, etc....
  • SawlstoneSawlstone Member Posts: 301
    Im so confused
  • xeniarxeniar Member UncommonPosts: 805

    fun game in my opinion.

    Poxnora is a tactics game. you have a base where you can spawn minions and your goals is to destroy the opposing base.

    Played a long time back i think u have cards wich you spawn minions with and also trapcards.  evrything costs energy ofc. :)

  • ArthasmArthasm Member UncommonPosts: 785
    Lol, just lol. God forgot this place...
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