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Please skip this game

ROFLcopter13ROFLcopter13 Member UncommonPosts: 44

As the title says, reasons outlined below. This is just my opinion, if you want to waste time on this clusterfuck then go ahead. And I dont care if you agree with me or not so troll/flame away fanbois.


1. Permanent Durability System - Players beware! That nice new shiny purple you just got? Well guess what, if you want to hold on to it you better not die no more than 10 times because at that point it "breaks" and becomes unusable. Sure you can pour hours and hours and hours of time farming mats to make a crafted piece but it will still break, although it will take longer. Matter of fact, the only items in this game that will last forever are stock items that you get when you first start, I guess they didnt want naked people running around not able to play.


2. Red 5 doesnt care about their players. As the above argument says, in durability, many many many players voiced their concern and disdain about this decision and Red 5's response? In a nutshell "we have made a decision, deal with it!" Sure all of the fanbois who plopped down $100+ for a founders pack will come running to defend R5, and why shouldnt they? They are now financially vested in the company. By the way, these same players will be suffering durability also. Nice way to show your appreciation for their hard earned money R5...


3. They dont know how to stress test their servers prior to opening the flood gates for a rather failed open beta launch.

Yes, we know beta is beta. We dont give a crap. We know what beta is, we arent idiots. Last time I checked however there are different PHASES to game development from alpha-->closed beta-->stress test-->open beta-->stress test-->release. The issues that are plaguing players right now as I sit here and type this are: Lag spikes (anticipated with OB), login issues (anticipated with OB), SIN server issues (basically they have a different server called a SIN server to handle inventory queries and the like so they can do on the fly patching without bringing the server down, but there is a latency when you try to open your inventory, speak to a shop keeper, make any kind of upgrade to your character, and craft.) (game breaking, should have been resolved in CBT!!!!)


4. Very limited content... Theres only 2 areas that I know of. The main starting area which is open and non linear, this is where you will spend the bulk of your time learning the game, grinding, getting exp, farming, etc. And Antarctica, I dont know much about this zone except that its more of a mid to high level zone. There are no levels in this zone, its skill based if anything, actually its more crafting based due to the durability issue above.


5. The UI sucks. It just does. Lots of wasted space, unnecessary mouse clicks to perform basic functions.


6. Enemies have 95% accuracy when shooting at you, also some of the enemies (Tanken Grenadiers, Aranha Siegers, Chosen Juggernauts damage is way way high, its out of balance. The snipers I can understand because they have to stay stationary and charge up their rifles. But when you run an ares mission (dynamic "quests" that spawn around the world) the server will spawn 20-30 mobs, and sometimes it will spawn way way too many juggernauts, snipers, or grenadiers.. Which leads me to my next point...


7. You WILL die in this game.. Many many times. Ive been playing MMO's since 1999 and ive died more in this game in the two weeks ive been playing it than any other game... ever. So if dying pisses you off this game is not for you. I will clarify, dying doesnt piss me off, not in a game, its expected. But dying in a stupid way, be it to bugs or 50 enemies spawning on you when a quest is complete and shouldnt spawn any more mobs is very frustrating, especially when you know that you just took a 10% durability hit and 9 more deaths mean you need to craft or buy more gear...


8. The market (auction house) UI isnt very intuitive. You cant search for a specific thing. The items listed arent very descriptive of what you can and cant use. If youre buying a new weapon it only gives the stats, and very basic stats, it doesnt say if a bio tech can use it only or an engineer. So new players will be majorly put off by this. Knowing what uses what only comes from asking in zone chat when the chat is actually WORKING or trying to find out via google.


9. The crafting system is too extensive and complex. I wanted to make some armor for my dreadnaught (a tank class), i had to go out and farm 100 hisser nests. Because I needed 100 hisser DNA to make ONE SUBCOMPONENT for my armor. Each nest spawns about 5-8 hissers, id get one DNA per nest. These nests are spawned dynamically over the map only in certain areas (like on the west side for instance) so finding all 100 was no easy task. I think it took two days before I had everything I needed to make a TIER TWO armor. This is silly as there are 4 tiers in the game. New players arent going to want to go farm for hours on end until their eyes bleed just to make one piece which will be lost forever when they die too many times.


10. Resources and mats are too complex. Hisser DNA, Aranha DNA, Chosen Tech pieces, Stolen chosen tech pieces, 3 different types of resources (Gas, Organic, Mineral) and theres about 16 different "ores" of each type and THEN there are qualities of each "ore" going from poor (white) to epic (purple) from most common (white) to rarest (epic) grades. All of this is very hard to understand for a new player. Oh and did I mention that they are going to implement a limited sized inventory soon? They dont have bank implemented, but as of now the inventory is infinite space. But this is causing that SIN server I spoke about earlier to be overtaxed on DB queries and its causing a lot of lag and latency now when doing anything that requires the use of the SIN server..


I will be fair and say the world itself is beautiful. The mountains get old pretty quick but you can find a shortcut or two here and there. The characters/player models look cartoony and dont have much depth. My wife said it looked like I was playing with "G.I. Joes"...


Okay thats all I am gonna write for now. As it is right now dont even try playing this game, it really sucks cause almost nothing works. Dont take my word for it, just hop over to the general forum and tech help forum and youll see a lot of "CANT LOG IN messages. The main "unable to log in" thread is at 9 pages last time I checked (about 45 minutes ago before I started typing this). When things ARE working however its okay, and something to tide you over until the next big thing comes around the corner.





  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Member RarePosts: 2,953
    Honestly, I had no desire to play this game until I read your "this game is too complex" post. Most of your points make the game seem more appealing to me. Thanks.

    I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil

  • VeldekarVeldekar Member Posts: 220
    Originally posted by WhiteLantern
    Honestly, I had no desire to play this game until I read your "this game is too complex" post. Most of your points make the game seem more appealing to me. Thanks.

    I'm thinking the exact same thing...

  • brickleulbrickleul Member UncommonPosts: 28

    The game is not perfect and also is not in final state, but really complaining how complex is crafting , I really don't see the point all players in a game to be crafters , your not smart enough to be a crafter be something else, this is a F2P game , do you really want every noob to be a crafter ? 

    loosing armors should be at first die not at ten or something , take example of EvE you die once you lose everything , you can have fittet items that cost more than 1 year subscription , if you die that item can be destroyed or left behind as loot , I perfectly normal to like this . 

  • WolfHaartWolfHaart Member UncommonPosts: 216

    First, Ever played EVE Online? You lose stuff there perma aswell and its still 1 of the best MMO's I've played.

    Second, You die alot if Firefall? Ever thought about that you need more practise? I can play every day for a week without dying.


    Well, no hard feelings. Just had to point those things out.

  • greenblood82greenblood82 Member UncommonPosts: 29
    Sounds interesting, if it wasn't a shooter i'd try it.
  • RaysheRayshe Member UncommonPosts: 1,279
    Basically what you descirbed was a sandbox. Thus, if you dont like sandbox games you will hate firefall. Noth wrong with that its just not the game for you. i may give it a shot... eventually. Though its really not top of my list. I'll be more interested when we see something Cyberpunk instead of Typical Sci-Fi.

    Because i can.
    I'm Hopeful For Every Game, Until the Fan Boys Attack My Games. Then the Knives Come Out.
    Logic every gamers worst enemy.

  • DMKanoDMKano Member LegendaryPosts: 21,138

    There is a difference between complex and unnecessarily perplexing.

    I think that's what OP was trying to communicate as far as crafting in the current version.




  • GhavriggGhavrigg Member RarePosts: 1,308
    It seems like almost all of this post is what a lot of MMO players have been asking for in a game. Obviously not the OP. But this post doesn't necessarily turn me off from the game. Just waiting for it to finish downloading and installing.
  • RamanadjinnRamanadjinn Member UncommonPosts: 1,365

    Now thats just good advertising!

    I think OP just got 5 or 6 new people to try the game so far.  I'll probably do so tonight.


  • tedgartedgar Member Posts: 52

    i think the game does not hold your hand what so ever thru the game.. it makes you group up even to obtain good or  a good amount of matts....ever play the old style you op .... if you have then your statement about you died more time in ff then all you mmo's combine is invalid or a straight up lie i still don't know about the game. i my self like it so far... i wish there was 2 factions so there would be open world same level pvp an area you can go to hunt mine and also pvp freely .... full loot or not would not bother me....a group could hold an area or such.. what i really want to say is if you  dont have anything nice to say then sir just keep to yourself.... meaning no if there is now if they we scaming out of beta then yeah report god man there just went open beta



    I miss hardcore games UO was my last real Online world expierince  

  • PulsarManPulsarMan Member Posts: 289

    Not that I'm a big fan of Firefall or anything, but statements such as, "X dev does not care about their players." always strikes me as incredibly ignorant. 


    I know when I build video games that thrive on players enjoying themselves and sticking around, I go out of my way to care as little about making them happy as possible. 

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 27,015
    Originally posted by Ramanadjinn

    Now thats just good advertising!

    I think OP just got 5 or 6 new people to try the game so far.  I'll probably do so tonight.


    lol Yeah.

    As soon as I read his first point about "purple gear" breaking after x amount of deaths my thought was "that's great, about time!"


  • kyssarikyssari Member Posts: 142

    Everyones entitled to their opinins of course and I respect yours, Firefall definitely isn't for everyone, but some of the facts on which your opinions are based aren't accurate so to clarify a few things:


    1.) There were also a lot of people who voiced their full support of item decay as well and it's really not as bad as it may seem at first glance. First of all stock gear doesnt decay so you'll never be stuck with absolutely nothing and regardless all gear is easily replacable with drops, market bought items, and crafted gear. Sure gathering top of the line resources to make a top of the line piece of gear may take quite a bit of patience and farming but you can still make good gear without those top of the line mats if you have to and on top of that when you do end up making it you can add items to it to increase both its durability and total repairability pool. Regardless it takes far more than only 10 deaths to fully break a piece of gear as well.


    2.) To say that Red5 doesn't care about their players simply because of one feature of the game you don't like is pretty lame and unfounded. Firefall has shown a lot of appreciation for all players and fans in general over the years, moreso than most other companies ever would.


    3.) Yeah the lag sucks and it's annoying but every mmo to date has had issues on some level when it comes to launch day and it's even rougher for games that are completely free to play from the get go as they have a lot larger influx of players. Even well established games that decided to go f2p after years of being live have had major stability issues on the day of their f2p conversion launch, shit happens, thats just the way it is. No one can prepare for and prevent every possible eventuality. Theres been better launches by other games sure but theres also been a lot of far worse launches as well, especially considering the size of Red5.


    4.) The most reasonable statement you made and a lot will agree with you. The world isn't as large as most open world mmo's however Firefall isn't quite like your traditional mmo's either. Yeah there's a lot of farming involved but the nice thing is theres multiple ways to progress. You are never forced to thump, or do ares missions, or any dynamic events, you do what you want and all of them reward you with xp/resources. With all the random areas and events popping up everywhere the world ends up being quite larger than it looks at first glance.


    5.) Pure matter of opinion about the ui sucking. Personally I love the calldown menu which is something you don't see in other mmo's. I can access every usable item in my inventory really quick with just my mouse while on the move in the heat of combat without slowing myself down having to dig through an open inventory window to find and manually scroll over and click on items to use em. Thats just my opinion though of course.


    6.) I wouldn't say 95% by any means but enemies are pretty accurate, they are supposed to be. Firefall wasn't designed to be an easymode facerollfest like other games that will remain unnamed, it's supposed to be a challenge. That being said practice makes perfect as they say, theres plenty of people who can solo some of the harder dynamic events and thumpers will some good strategy and enough practice. It's not for everyone that's for sure but your a bit exaggerated on this one.


    7.) Another point you were reasonable on but as you get a good feel for the game and/or group with other players more you will die less at least.


    8.) You obviously didn't spend much time with the market ui at all to have said all this :x You can easily search for specific items by simply typing it into the search field in the upper left. I agree the tooltips could use a little more detail but thats pretty minor considering what basic common knowledge it is of what your frame can use.


    9.) I agree the crafting system can be a bit intimidating at first but spending a little time getting familiar with it you'll quickly get the jist of things. Some things aren't to clear though and hopefully will be made more so as they update their tutorials and such. For example the Hisser DNA you need to make a component for your armor. It takes 50 lvl 1 DNA to make said component. Whats not as clear at first glance though is that they also drop lvl2 DNA. 25 of these also makes that component. Or 10 lvl3 or 1 lvl4 or if your lucky enough to find one. Most lower things aren't to hard to farm up and don't take to incrediblly long if you know where to look but the higher level stuff definitely will take a lot more, as well it should.


    10.) Yeah limited inventory size is coming soon but they also clearly stated they planned on also giving us storage space (aka a bank) and that they are working on a salvage system so you can salvage all those worthless white quality items that drop or broken gear you cant use anymore for a small amount of resources.

  • whisperwyndwhisperwynd Member UncommonPosts: 1,668
     Yeah, I'm sold. Will also try it tonight.  
  • jackocompjackocomp Member UncommonPosts: 49

    Is FireFall classified as a PVP type game or ?

    OK this is what I got from the original post:

    1). I want, I want, I want. then blah blah someone killed me & it's not fair, blah blah blah

    2). Since I don't have a life & have wasted my time on the game I will run around crying about it to whom ever is willing to listen.

    3). I have no brain & don't know how to just uninstall the game & go back to playing Hello Kitty.

    4). Even though FF is a game where you really need to play with other people I don't want to & they should change the game because that's what I want..

    5). you don't like losing stuff when dying? Please come play EVE online then you will have something to cry about when you die & loss basically everything in the ship & the ship, & if you fail to keep things up to date maybe even months of training time.

    6). LAG, well LAG is a problem with just about every MMO out there. It's often a combination of things that cause it from bad coding through to the more common reasons like crap internet on the users part or other constraints that the actual game company has very little control over if any. Maybe you need to consider playing local games only & stay away from the online stuff till you get better net?

    Like others I have to ask why the OP has wasted so much time writing such a long winded review for a game that they either don't really fully understand or didn't take the time to learn some things about before racing in & expecting everything to be the way they wanted it to be or they will complain & carry on.

    Anyway FF isn't the greatest game in the world but it isn't too bad for a game that is only now in OBT.

    I know for myself it has a few things I wished a couple of the other FPS style games had.

  • Reza82Reza82 Member UncommonPosts: 40
    is this a hater or a marketing genius?
  • PiratePetePiratePete Member Posts: 105

    I was going to take the time to sift through the OP and comment on each post. But upon reading the first couple points it became blatantly obvious that you don't know what you're talking about.


    Also "Yeah we know beta is beta"  Exactly. Stop acting as if you should be catered to. Bugs are going to happen, lag is going to happen, delays are going to happen. Deal with it. If you're not willing to contribute positively to the development of the game with your bug reports and stress testing, then you didn't really have much desire to play the game in the first place.


    With that said I came into the closed betas relatively late and having read up on the game they changed the systems several times because of feedback from the community. I would reckon it would be hard to sell the "Red 5 doesn't care about the fans" argument with the history they've displayed in caring quite a bit.

  • jpnzjpnz Member Posts: 3,529
    Post that complains things breaking in a beta is always amusing.

    Gdemami -
    Informing people about your thoughts and impressions is not a review, it's a blog.

  • ego13ego13 Member Posts: 267

    If you're dying then you're just trying to run and gun in.


    Even with a brand new unlocked frame I can usually solo a group ares mission with simple strategy and use of cover.  When you choose to treat this as a typical MMO where you can't possibly die then you're going to die, as you expressed.


    I'm truly thankful for your post, though, as all the praise in the world couldn't have moved as many people as your one long whine.

    Just because every car has similar features doesn't mean that Ferraris are copies of Model Ts. Progress requires failure and refining.


  • AdalwulffAdalwulff Member Posts: 1,152

    I've been playing Firefall for 2 days now, and I can honestly say the OP is full of shit

    end thread

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,015


    Instead of trying to make people walk away from a game because you dont like it, why not make a post recommending a game you like?

  • ozmonoozmono Member UncommonPosts: 1,211
    His entitled to his opinions and he detailed them. Some people here have made personal attacks against him or just called him full of shit and so on without even addressing what he is talking about. Not all but a few. It's disgusting. Oh and just because it's a free to play game doesn't mean it should be exempt from criticism, they still want your money for this product. I don't know if his points are accurate but many of the responses so far are below the belt.
  • apb2011apb2011 Member UncommonPosts: 165

    I love this game.

    There was a game like this, same type of mountain landscapes and rocks, same type of cartoony graphics, and the characters even had jetpacks. It was also MMOFPS but in alpha stage. I think the game got cancelled. I remembered playing it back in 2006-07. I forgot what it was called, im gonna check the gamelist to see if its there.

    Or it could have been a dream I had in the past of me playing this game now, you know like a prophetic dream.

    Anyway love Firefall.

  • bbethelbbethel Member UncommonPosts: 201

    I did not even know about this game. After skimming you post becouse its a wall of text. I found some of the thinks you complained about to be things that i want in my mmo. So I went to the web site and am currently downloading this game. 

    Thanks OP

    I would have never given this game a chance, but you have changed my mind thank you.

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,015
    Originally posted by ozmono
    His entitled to his opinions and he detailed them.

    he lost me at the title. Opinions are not the same as -> please oh pleasa please please dont play this game please please oh Puhleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!

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