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Need help remembering a game...

Thunder073Thunder073 Member UncommonPosts: 108

Greetings fellow gamers!

I'm trying to recall I played back in probably 2003-2005. It was a 2d mmorpg browser based game that looked and felt like Ultima Online (no it was not UO lol). There were no classes, you skilled up based on what you would do. You needed reagents to cast spells, could farm, hunt, etc and would skill up the more you did these activities.

The game i know that it is not is Runescape and UO (but again it reminded me of UO based on its graphics and game play)


Thanks in advance for any help you guys have. =)


  • jokerx999jokerx999 Member CommonPosts: 1
  • Thunder073Thunder073 Member UncommonPosts: 108
    nah wasnt Tibia. It had like identical graphics to UO
  • Thunder073Thunder073 Member UncommonPosts: 108
    any other thoughts? =p
  • aspekxaspekx Member UncommonPosts: 2,167
    Ragnarok Online? RO2 has classes, but i dont remember about RO.

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