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Been away for months, try to log in and told im banned due to tos

AtmaDarkwolfAtmaDarkwolf Member UncommonPosts: 353

This is, considering that there are MANY people experiencing this same issue, that aeria's website, servers, etc, are NOT secure. I have one account there, and it was banned, unbanned, banned, unbanned 10-15 times over a 4-5 hour period back in jan, and now its compleatly banned.


I check why (Subsection 12 of the tos) and it lists 'selling game related items accounts or characters' as the reason i was banned... again similar to many of the others otu there who were 'randomlly' banned.


Sure I can get behind the idea that a FEW people were caught buying/selling gold, leveling services, etc, but not the sheer numbers of people caught, and almost every single one of them 'were away' from the game for an extended time.


I think either aeria's servers are very, very unsecure, or they have some 'shifty' types using 'inactive' accounts to buy or sell gold/items. I would steer clear of this game.


  • NaowutNaowut Member UncommonPosts: 663
    Originally posted by AtmaDarkwolf



  • LyresaLyresa Member Posts: 2
    I enjoyed Eden Eternal. Reminded me a lot of Earth Eternal. The banning in aeria games however is a very common occurrence for inactive players. I had the same banned message but after inquiring about it Aeria released my account and had me rest my passwords. The scary thing is once upon a time when Last Chaos was first released I actually spent money on their games and I no longer trust them with any confidential information. Even with Pay Pal to keep your bank account safe Aeria still has lost my trust for security issues. 
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