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I have played it, I liked it...but I cannot commit to it.

AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

The game appears to be quite casual on a first glance.


Yet, if you want to compete and progress are a few key factors you might want to consider:


1- You HAVE to be online at a precise hour of the day to achieve a specific aspect of the game and get the corresponding rewards.  For exemple, if you want to do the tank war, it is at midnight or 1 PM every day, world boss are 2 PM, 7 PM and 1 AM, ToA is at the hour your guild determine (usually same every day) and so can be quite time consuming with "downtimes" in between to do other stuffs in game.


2- The game reward the winners...if you "lose", you will have to spend 3 or 4 times more efforts to get to the same point, assuming that you are allowed to do it.


3- Money is an edge, but it can be overcome...2% extra boost + a static 120 isn't such a big deal, yet it wouldn't be that expansive if you care...and since the limit is quite hard to will eventually bypass such differences.


4- The game is addictive...I start playing here and there and end up wasting days on it...


5- Many players won't even be realizing they are playing a MMO, they are just playing a Facebook game...


6- Simple is good.


7- The game is a constant comparaison between you and others...and since there are only 3 classes, pretty hard not to start watching at who pee further.



Yet, I quit, I do not have that amount of time to invest right now...if I was in 1999, perhaps, but not now...I was actually enjoying the PvP aspect of this game a LOT...many 1 on 1...or 3 on 3...4 on 4...or guild brawl.

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