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avast threat detected on mmorpg home

AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 686
When I click the home button on this site avast pops up a threat detection and wont let me go to it has anyone else seen this?


  • ErgloadErgload Member UncommonPosts: 433
    nope never happened to me. I'm using avast. browser hijacker or something maybe? run some cleaners see what you get.
  • AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 686

    if it was a browser hijacker wouldnt alert for every website i tried to go im running a scan now though


  • AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 686

    this is what it says


    Process: C:UsersJonAppDataLocalMozilla Firef...
    Infection: URL:Mal
  • lugallugal Member UncommonPosts: 671

    I just got the same popup from Avast.


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  • AbimorAbimor Member UncommonPosts: 686
    Ya i ran a malwarebytes scan and it found something so i took it off
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