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Raids and Housing coming to GW2...?

observerobserver Member RarePosts: 3,680

So i was browsing the official gw2 forum and saw this interesting thread.  People are talking about if item progression will be tied into these "raids".  I'm not sure what to think of this.  I'm sure arena-net will add their own flavor on how raids will work.  As for housing, that will be very interesting to see how they do this.


  • SiphaedSiphaed Member UncommonPosts: 1,051

    The person's translation that came up "housing" wasn't for player housing at all. It was a word referenced to the long-in-development Guild Halls.  They're a back-burner feature that is being worked on, but with the lowest priority and resources. 


    As for the "raiding", I doubt it will be anything of what players expect out of their interpretation based on past MMO's such as WoW.  For example, my guild labels our "raiding" as the weekly Guild Missions that we all do at the same designated time for a few hours a week.  This includes Bounty hunting for a couple of bosses,  Rushing through a gauntlet of traps, being Challenged (by what almost always seems to be Karka and crabs) [no Puzzle yet, haven't unlocked it]. 


    I think that the raiding that A.Net will add is going to be something based on a mix between the Karka Queen,  Guild Bounties, Puzzles, and a Dragon General.  Yep, that's the mix that will create it.   Rewards?  Will NOT be scaling gear like other games, that's for sure.  It'll most likely be unique skin sets, possibly even a weekly Precurser drop for a single person out of 20 (wouldn't that be fun?!).   Oh, and there's the problem of LORE.   What raids are they going to make to fit the lore, unless it's a new Elder Dragon...but if that's the case, there's the problem with releasing them too soon (if they release them all in under 2 years, it leaves very little of an enemy in GW2) or "too long between" for the raiders (at an appropriate rate of 1 every year or so to extend the life of the game).

  • ChrisboxChrisbox Member UncommonPosts: 1,729
    July 2nd preview of future content, I'm super interested.  


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