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[Column] Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Five Good Things



  • MuruganMurugan Member Posts: 1,494
    Originally posted by sado2020
    The different posts really intrigue me on this game. Gonna have to take a look :) Also from what I read if I pay extra I can have more than one character per server? Is that true?

    12.99 for one character per server, and $15 for 8 per server.  Of course you can sub for longer periods of time to bring that $15 down to 12.99 (6 months I think, $13.99 for 3).


    That one character of course can do everything available in the game so the only reason to have multiple characters is to play other races or for roleplaying reasons.

  • YukibaYukiba Member Posts: 1
    I'm curious if any long term ffxi players are commenting here and will tell me if they liked it. I played ffxi for years, vet for sure. I loved that game, I loved the grind, I loved the community. I tried a few mmos after that but none even compared in my opinion and I got bored quickly. Anyway, I really just want to know from a ffxi player's standpoint if the game really made an impression
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