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TierlessTierless ColumnistMember EpicPosts: 3,377

As it's well documented I despise SWTOR but I'm trying it again (last time was beta 1-4ish) to see if things have gotten better.

First off let me say I've adjusted my view from a genre evolving game to another themepark so I go into this round a little less expectational.

As another generic park it's not bad. It feels kinda like a lower budget GW2 in space. It's ok. I love star wars so the fact that it is Star Wars gives it a few points.

My #1 complaint, audio. How the heck do you make freaking Star Wars audio uneventful? I complained about this in betas, and I'll complain now, the lack of audio KILLS the planets. They feel like dead cardboard mazes to begin with (lack of small atmospheric npc stuff), then add in the lack of audio and they barely have a pulse. WTF. You have to mess up pretty bad to make Star Wars audio lame.

The gameplay is OK. I would say it's not as good as WOW and definitely not as fun as GW2 but its OK for a free MMO fix.

After playing more the very idea that they ever charged for this game is simply insane. It feels FTP, it looks FTP, I'm pretty sure it was designed with FTP conversion in mind. I can't imagine putting this out and thinking it's AAA next gen game.

My #2 frustration is how shallow and poor looking the character creator is. I assume it had to be crippled to support all the cut scene stuff? I might be wrong on that but crippled is how I would describe it. I mean, cyborgs...humans with robot eye patches are a race now? Really? If anything all cybernetics should have just been additions to EVERY race, not an entire race! That just seems fishy to me, like "OH god we dont have enough races lets call this one cyborg" kinda fishy. Especially considering the lack of a cyborg "race" in Star Wars lore (fellow wars nerds will know lots of people have cybernetic enhancements but that doesn't make them their own race).

I don't hate it, as a FTP it would be my go to option for a spaceish themepark fix or an MMO fix when I'm bored with GW2.

Some of the "pay for this stuff" is disgusting cash grab garbage but I'm playing a game for free which is cool so do what you gotta do to try and hook me I guess.

I dunno if I'll play more or not. So far I find the fact that I feel like every zone is a maze and I have to do all this scripted lameness and tolerate annoying companions frustrating. I just wanna get to max level and experience the endgame.My hope is that the endgame planets feel big and open? Yes? No?

I truly don't wanna sound overly negative, just shooting straight here. It's am OK FTP option and probably better than most FTPs. I don't suggest anyone avoid it. I suggest trying it, why not, it's free right?

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