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[Editorial] Rift: Hitting Its Stride in F2P



  • blohm86blohm86 Member Posts: 43

    This is just so much fail, the game is utter crap (which Ive said since day one), the whole game is just dull. When the expansion came out I felt I had to give the game CPR or something, it was just so hearthbreaking.

    Id ask kindly that staff get their wits about and stop hyping and let this game slowly die out with mercy.

  • sportsfansportsfan Member Posts: 431
    Originally posted by Po_gg
    Originally posted by sportsfan   So correct, in view what I wrote above: old failed AAA subscription based titles that turn f2p is NOT what will make this industry "alive and kicking".

    And you mentioned above "The same happened to Lotro, D&DO, Start TrekMMO, SWTOR..."

    DDO is f2p almost 3 years now, LotRO 2.5 years, STO 1.5 years and they're all pretty alive and kicking as I see :)  with multiple updates, expansions, increased playerbase and stuff.

    Oh, and there's SW:TOR as well. (sorry  :) )

    The alive and kicking was not adressed at these games themselves. It was adressed at the industry that will no longer make/develop games with AAA quality labels as F2P simply doesn't allow that.

    All these games were made as supposed AAA subscription revenue models. F2P was a last resort to gain money, but forget about that in the future as an AAA MMORPG made from scratch is simply too costly to make to support F2P at the start.

    F2P is a death knell for new AAA MMORPG's, so it is bad for the industry that needs to go forward, hence the "alive and kicking" remark.


  • AroukosAroukos Member Posts: 571
    well said. a great article for a great game.
  • JustARandomPandaJustARandomPanda Member Posts: 61
    I just tried Rift for the first time and have to say I am pleasantly surprised. This is one of the better MMOs I've tried out and I'm definitely going to be playing this game for the long haul.

    Playing Now: The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter

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  • dwarflordkingdwarflordking Member Posts: 265
    why do poeple whine about buying things.. what if i dont care for cosmetics? does all f2p have to be cosmetic only? wtf.. they have to get money somehow.. how about you cheap skates support them by buying something... 
  • NatarumaNataruma Member Posts: 1

    I came back after I heard there was sandbox housing and I have to say, I really am enjoying the experience.


    A whole new element of the game for the RP community to sink its teeth into. If you're like me and you enjoy building stuff, then the dimensions element to Rift will be a blast for you. Also, the rifts and gameplay are far more rewarding now than they used to be when I first started playing.


    As to people doubting the F2P model or saying it's a sign of a game in its death throes, I have to say that I both agree and disagree. I'm now more likely going to stick to Rift because of new attachments to certain content (my customized houses), and the fact that I don't have to worry about a sub, I can just throw money at the game if I so desire and have the funds, or opt not to if I have to cut back on my spending, but I won't get punished for being a bit frugal. It's pretty great, and I wish more games followed the same F2P model Trion has implemented.

  • DarkspireDarkspire Member UncommonPosts: 12

    As far as the f2p conversion goes, cuddos to the team on job well done. However Rifts problem back than and now is the same, if you are not part of an end game raiding group there is nothing to be done when you reach max lelvel. Its a choice between raiding or just pointless grind grind grind... The PVP is blend and boring, the zones are un inspired, and the rifts/fortresses get boring fast.

    Now if there were more Volan like events that would be fun, but besides that the rest of the invasions are nothing special.

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