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Question for those who have Pre-Ordered

tats27tats27 Member UncommonPosts: 95

I have 1.0 CE and as such I don't need to purchase a new game; however, I would like early access and the items which come with it. 


I pre-ordered the game from Amazon, got a code in my email and then canceled the order. The Code came with a link where I entered my email and said they would let me know when to come back and apply the code....does this sound right to everyone else?



I was thinking I would register the code on my SE account and it would be part of my service history, but it seems like the code will run on something totally different.


  • NetSageNetSage Member UncommonPosts: 1,051

    Are they both PC?  If so you won't be able to apply the new code to your account (unless you make a second FFXIV service (which is like having a separate account anyway)).

  • tats27tats27 Member UncommonPosts: 95

    The pre order code is independent of a system, though I chose a PS3 CE to pre order and obviously my 1.0 CE is on the PC.



    It just seems like the pre order codes isn't really applied to my account yet, just that my email address is applied to the code...if that makes sense. 


    It said "keep your code readily available," so I'm guessing it isn't applied yet.

  • NetSageNetSage Member UncommonPosts: 1,051

    Nope and if you cancelled your pre-order it may not work either.

    But, ya save the code/email they sent you already and just wait for closer to launch when you'll be able to apply it.

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