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LF (EU) End-gaming progression/raid mature guild


Currently me and my fiance (both 23 years old) are looking for EU end-gaming guild with mature players. I am veteran MMO player who once was veeery hardcore raid player in many MMO (later about it), but now I have job, family and life ;) so cant be that much hardcore, but want to progress and raid at extreme!Thats why I am looking for Hardcore/semi-hardcore guild with people similar to us, who have their lifes and understand that sometimes you just have to log out or go to work :).

What we can offer:

- Mature gaming couple, with cool attitude (no raging) and sense of humor but giving 100% focus on raids and every challanges (we are aiming high! ^^)

- Experience in raids and MMO. Myself : EQ, EQ2, Lineage 2, WoW, RIFT, Aion, Tera, GW, GW2. My fiance: WoW, GW2

- We are helpful and always try to be with best term with guild-mates and help everyone to make guild stronger

- focusing on 2 primal jobs and roles and mastering them

- We play at least 4-5 days a week, couple of hours/day. We are GMT +1. We usually play whole weekends.

What are we looking for:

- experienced guild/FC with raiding and MMO (core members at least)- who can play with smile and no-drama ;).

- A good amount of steady members that will play at launch/Phase 4, so the guild is big enough to develop further fast and help each other (crafting, materia, questing, dungeons, raiding, leveling, farming)

- Most important: Fun and end-game ambition to progress and be competitive 

Lets gear up and and kill some bosses in Eorzea ;)!


  • MarakaiBenyMarakaiBeny Member Posts: 4
    Bump! Cos still looking! :)
  • WicoaWicoa Member UncommonPosts: 1,637

    I don't have a guild to offer you but I do have some advice.  We won't know of the most active and decent guilds until around 2-4 months post launch.

    Quite a few recruiting are gaming communities that hop from game to game but don't really call anywhere home.

    This is the best thing to do: Pick a server (try a busy one), on the pathway leveling your character keep an eye as to who is around and what sort of guilds you might spend your time randomly pugging with and make an informed choice then.  The game is going to be so busy for at least the first 6 months that there will be loads of people to play with on your way, a guilds character level disparity will probably mean you pug anyway. 

    If you commit to a guild now, you are locking yourself into a community that may not actually offer what you want ingame. Certainly I am too looking for a good progression guild, many folk can talk the talk but until you watch them walk the walk. You won't know who are active and have some skill leading to progression.

  • WicoaWicoa Member UncommonPosts: 1,637
  • UkihaUkiha Member Posts: 58
    Originally posted by Wicoa
    This is the best thing to do: Pick a server (try a busy one)

    This,it seems Excalibur is going to be the server with most players,at least that's what it shows on the server transfer page.

    I can suggest you a guild too, it's called Crimson Moon,they're heplful & and mature but i think they're going to stay in Hyperion server.

    The leader of the guild has a Twitch channel if you guys are interested his name is Critical Chocolate in Twitch,he awnsers all the questions when he can,good guy,very mature members too.

  • ArthasmArthasm Member UncommonPosts: 780

    Bump! I'm same as (except my wife doesn't play) OP, looking for mature EU raiding guild.


  • PowerwordhugPowerwordhug Member Posts: 14

    If you guys could commit to a PST based guild,. we would love yo have you both. And even the guy who bumped it =P


    <Paradigm> Is a guild consisted of long time friends who have raided with the best of the best in prior MMO's and are making the switch to ARR. We have been part of multiple top 10 US kills in World of Warcraft, and top 10 world kills in SWTOR. 

    <Paradigm> is looking for members who want to see end game content at a fast pace, and push for server firsts, along with top world kills on a casual schedule. Our raid times are Tuesday-Thursday from 9 - 11 30 PM PST with Sundays 8-11 30 PM PST for progression nights(we may only use Sundays 1-2 times per month when we are on progression fights).

    We are also looking for members who do their research. We are not here to hold your hands and carry you through fights, so we expect all members to come to raids prepared(IE food buffs, already repaired, money to repair, and the knowledge of the fight prior to pulling)

  • KevshanKevshan Member Posts: 12

    Hello, we are currently recruiting in anticipation for launch! Hopefully the following will be of interest to you guys: (we play on the NA server Excalibur)


    Hive is currently recruiting for our Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn Linkshell on Excalibur! 

    Independent minds, common goals

     Who We Are

    Hive is a community of experienced gamers and a community that believes guilds are the number one reason why mmo’s are much more in depth and enjoyable. If you have a stable, well tuned and friendly atmosphere for people to feel that they can be apart of. It greatly enhances the entertainment as well longevity of a game. Three things make for a perfect mixture to get you as a player emotionally involved into a game “camaraderie, trust and friendship ” these are the main points we try to emphasize in our guild. Camaraderie of our members with trust in the ability of our leaders as well friendship with everyone who shows up with a positive and thirst to be apart of something larger. We came together because of mutual interest, but stay together because of the atmosphere of friendship and teamwork. We have a core group of active players, who pride themselves in being knowledgeable, approachable, and available to help others. We believe that a good community not only enhances our gaming experience, but our lives as well. We strive to maintain a positive, respectful, and fun environment for all Community members.

     What We Do

    Our goals for being apart of this new frontier is to show others what a collection of people can accomplish and effect on a large scale. We plan to bring with us a atmosphere of a respectful , positive and competitive attitude to the Community. Whether it be in pvp or pve, we aim to be the best while humble in our Victories and losses. No matter what we do, we will make sure that we are involved in the community, we regularly run instances, Raids, and PVP groups and we also organize our own activities, such as Clan races, hide & seek events, and trivia nights. We are also active in reporting bugs and making suggestions to the developers on ways to improve the quality of the game. We have active forums where we post guides and discuss everything from the game's to random related things.

    We would love to add from our group to you wonderful people out there. Wherever you may be, we wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you all in Game. As well thank you for your time to hear us out and get a glimpse into our community that we built with patience and hard work. Keep on hunting

    So let's cut to the chase, why should you be interested in our community, what do we have to offer,

     Why should you be interested in our community?

    - Acceptance of any play style

    - Organized events, raids, and more

    - Organized, competitive PvP culture for those with that play style

    - Fun, laid-back atmosphere but with serious drive to improve and succeed

    - Game Nights

    What do we have to offer?

    - Helpful community

    - Private Community TS3 server for voice communication

    - Both a hardcore and a more casual player base for any recruit's play style

    - Experienced leader of several previous Community's in different game genres and play styles over 10+ years

    - Opportunities for officer positions, one per 10 members

     What are our goals?

    - To have a good sized member base so you always have someone to party with and/or talk to

    - To complete all of the PvE content

    - To attain a few server / world firsts

    - To participate in competitive tournament-format PvP matches

    - To have fun and socialize

    If you are interested in applying, head over to our website and read some of the stickies in the recruitment forum for any additional information. Post a new thread using the application template to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Community Website:

    Please read all of the Rules on the forum before registering. Thank you.

    Thanks From everyone at Hive

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