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LF new Action MMO/MMORPG

kueykuey Member UncommonPosts: 39

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone out there could throw out some recommendations for good Action MMOs or non-macro intensive MMORPGs. 

To  narrow it down a bit more, I'm more interested in a game with:

  • Active and Large community (the larger the community the better)
  • Theme wise I'm happy with anything, but I'm more keen on Fantasy
  • Fast paced
  • The more recent the title the better
  • Games with an emphasis on grouping (not that soloing is bad but I'm not a fan of games where 99% is solo until end-game)
  • Decent PvP content is preferrable

Examples of recent MMOs I liked (just to give you an idea of what kind of games I like):

  • Dragon Nest
  • SWTOR (excluding the not so great end-game and gradual decrease in population)
  • Path of Exile

Recent games I've already tried that are commonly suggested (so you don't need to bother recommending em):

  • TSW
  • GW 2
  • Rift
  • D2
  • Age of Wushu
  • Warframe
  • WoW (I know it's not recent but people seem to suggest it quite a bit)
  • Wurm Online
If anyone has any recommendations I'm keen to hear them so throw anything you can at me. Also I'm based in Australia, though I usually play on NA servers, but due to my location there are a few restrictions to what I can access. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out.


  • btraillbtraill Member UncommonPosts: 97

    After looking at your game lists, previous games, and post -- I would possibly recommend Darkfall: Unholy Wars. A lot of people give it flak, however; if you're looking for an open-skill based game (can literally level anything, much like Runescapes skill system) and some very intense PvP/open world combat. It's the first game where I actually had to check my back when mining and resource gathering. (People will come on mounts and kill you for your resources)


    It's all aim based. (Archery and Mage/Sorcery too) The skill ceiling is massive. There are guilds and communities that are solely for introducing new players into the game and environment it provides. They well help you with supplying gear and even mounts when you die and loose it all.


    Give it a try.

  • RusqueRusque Member RarePosts: 2,785

    Surprised to see dragon nest listed, but not Vindictus - if you haven't played Vindictus you will probably really like it considering it shares many similarities with DN. No PvP though.

    Looking at what you've played maybe Aion would work for you. Lots of solo content, and plent of pvp to be had at higher levels.

  • kueykuey Member UncommonPosts: 39

    Thanks a lot for the recommendations. I actually have tried Aion, tried it out quite awhile ago. As for Darkfall, I'll be sure it give it a shot and see how it goes.

    Also as for Vindictus, not sure about it now, but back when I wanted to play it, it was zone restricted, at least the NA version was and Europe pings from Aus are pretty horrendous.

  • DoctorhooDoctorhoo Member UncommonPosts: 223
    Neverwinter might fit your tastes.  It is HIGHLY Instanced.  Combat does have action to it, I would consider it a poor man's TERA.  User Created Content is the Shinning Gem Here with the Foundry.
    As for Grouping: Options would be Cueing for PvP, Dungeons, and Skirmishes.  You can cue for those while you are questing. Obviously, if you like the theme of the game, find a nice guild to get involved with and they might have someone leveling an ALT around your same level which makes the questing go faster or cue with them for stuff.  If you do end up liking the game, look us up our GM is from Australia as well.
    On another Note, I do like TERA as well, however I don't think its not the best game for partying while questing.  It usually only happens for BAMs you have to slay in Quests and dungeons.  I would rate this game with high marks for its Action Combat System - very fun.
    You also might enjoy trying to get into trying FFXIV as a beta tester.  Their Next Phase of Beta Testing should be the last beta before it goes live in August and has a monthly subscription.  I have found the Community there to be rather friendly and helpful.  Has the Dynamic Events (FATES) and Dungeons.
  • kueykuey Member UncommonPosts: 39

    Thanks for the suggestions. Tried Tera for a short while, it was fun so I might try it out again. Haven't actually tried out Neverwinter yet so I might give that a go as well.

    Managed to get into the FFXIV Beta, it's pretty good, just a tad slow paced for my likes.

  • HothloveHothlove Member UncommonPosts: 126
    Also check out dragon's prophet. It's an action mmo from the makers of runescape.
  • ink3d94ink3d94 Member Posts: 3
    Play Neverwinter. Amazing game awesome combat super addictive great graphics
  • DangerNobuoDangerNobuo Member UncommonPosts: 96
    Originally posted by Hothlove
    Also check out dragon's prophet. It's an action mmo from the makers of runescape.

    From what I understand 'Dragon's Prophet' is by the creators of 'Runes of Magic'.


    Edit: And if you have the Computer to handle it I would suggest trying out 'TERA'.

  • kueykuey Member UncommonPosts: 39
    Thank for those suggestions. Saw a gameplay vid for Dragon's Prophet, looks ok, though the Dragon system kinda turned me off for some inexplicable reason. From the sounds of it I have a few to try out, so try them I shall. Thank to everyone who laid down some suggestions for me.
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