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Minecraft SMP

AutemOxAutemOx Member Posts: 1,704

Hi guys, who here plays minecraft?  I have been playing lately.  

I just started a faction on my server and I need to claim more land for it but I don't have enough people in the faction to do it, so if you are in the same boat we could join each others servers/factions to increase the member count.

Play as your fav retro characters: cnd-online.net. My site: www.lysle.net. Blog: creatingaworld.blogspot.com.


  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    There are hundreds, if not thousands of Minecraft servers. You might want to post the name of the people running the server so people can check it out before committing to joining a faction on one.

    You might even need to explain that Factions are Guilds, made possible by the "Factions" mod.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

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