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Bard or disciple or sorcerer!

AnslemAnslem Member CommonPosts: 215


Sorcerer just seems too much like my beloved Mage in WoW, ranged caster - but am concerned that the bard is too group dependent an that finding groups will be difficult. 

Disciple looks amazing, but is the game flooded with them?  They're primarily healers (I think) but looks like they can do a whole lt more. 


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  • ElbaneElbane Member Posts: 1
    Sorcs are good for solo kiting stuff. They are also excellent dps. Disc can solo just about anything toe to toe but everyone seems to have one. Bards are more group dependent. You can solo kite stuff but it can be a little slow. Bards are always welcomed in groups though, they bring alot to the table with their songs. Finding groups can be difficult in vg and you will need to do solo stuff at times if you want to level quickly. Try leveling crafting and diplomacy (if you like that kind of thing) as you level adventuring. This will give you something to do if you cant find a group.
  • AnslemAnslem Member CommonPosts: 215
    Thank you! :)  What I love about the diplomacy and heavy crafting is the fact that I can take my time reaching a max level.  I want to enjoy the game. :)

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  • BigmamajamaBigmamajama Member Posts: 198

    I've played allot of Vangaurd, allot of a couple of class and a little of most every class.

    Sorcerers are the king of DPS but you need room to kite or your dead, actually you will sill die allot either way.

    Disciple is a fantastic soloing class that can both heal and tank.  DPS isn't really that bad either.  There is a trick to playing them, so pay careful attention to your general skills early on, one explains more or less the "trick" to being very effective.


    I haven't played much Bard but my understanding, and you are correct in that they are an amazing support class, so if you are in a guild or group often, you will be very needed and the buffs, self buffs are great.  If you fly solo allot your not going to get the most fun out of this class, as I don't think it solos all that well - comparatively.

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