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Nin Online - 2D Naruto MMORPG Open Beta in July


Here to share with you about a game called Nin Online which will be released in July.

It's a 2D Online RPG, which heavy Role play aspects. In many ways it is like a RPG where you go on missions, but the community also plays a huge role in making large decisions like the Chunnin examiners and Hokage elections. Nin Online is a fan made game.



You play as a Ninja in the Naruto World, starting off in Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village, as a Academy Student and work your war up the ranks.


Here are some screenshots of the game in action!


There are daily development logs with screenshots and previews on the official forum which you have to register to view.

Stay tuned for more! But if you'd like to see more right now please do register on our community forum and check out our Development Log section and Gallery!

Click HERE to visit and join the Nin Online Community!

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