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Errentium! You Get To Help Too! [Development]

killjoy0593killjoy0593 Member Posts: 15

After the Fantasy world went into a post apocalyptic era the planet was renamed Errentium, after the Element. Parts of this element are scattered across the 5 continents. It is farmed as a power source, but it also contains radiation that effects the environment around it. No one shard/pillar of Errentium emits the same radiation, therefor causing different teraforms across the planet. This element is a self sustained power source. However, the radiation can be removed from the Errentium using an ability that you must learn, and it does not come cheap. They then sell the Errentium for use by other people, Or you can use it yourself...

I have also decided to start studying and working with the unreal engine platform, currently only UE3 But hey, it'll still be epic!

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