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A new game and group for the summer (and beyond!)

jorcoman2jorcoman2 Member Posts: 12

Hi everyone!

After playing some single player games for the past few months I returned to my former MMO to find my guild and normal group of friends had disbanded/quit the game, leaving me alone to wander the MMO space. So I think now is probably the best time for a fresh start with a new bunch of people.

I love group dynamics and the ability to conquer challenges that aren't doable solo. So what I'm looking for is a group of people to come together, playing one of the countless f2p MMOs released in the past year or so, maybe using a VoIP and just go at it in a new game, new environment with some new people.

If anyone is interested, pm me on here and we can sort out something. My time zone is GMT which may be a problem, but I'm sure we can come to some arrangement.

Thanks for reading!

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